Word on the Street: Movie production updates, a speculation, and a new trailer for upcoming Hallmark movies!

For this week, I contemplated on what my next blog post should be about. Realizing I haven’t published a Word on the Street story since last month, I decided to write November’s first Word on the Street post. To my surprise, there were a lot of news worthy material relating to upcoming Hallmark movies! So, I thought it would a good idea to share these pieces of movie news with my readers and followers. Within this post, I will talk about almost all of the Hallmark movie news I could find. As the title states, there will be several movie production updates that will be discussed, plus speculation about a potential Hallmark movie and a new trailer for one of Hallmark’s “Countdown to Christmas” films!

Cinema Festival Poster
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On the website, Creative BC, there were several titles listed on their “In Production” page. What caught my attention is how many of them were Hallmark related. Three of these listings were for movies that are a part of an established Hallmark Movies & Mysteries series. According to Creative BC, the first movie on this list is “A Clue To Kill”/ “Aurora Teagarden 10”, which started production on November 3rd and will wrap up on November 23rd. The next title is “Hailey Dean Mysteries 7” and the production for this movie will start on November 28th. The third title is “Morning Show Mysteries: Murder Most Fair”, where production started on October 29th and will end on November 16th. One title that caught my eye was “Ruby Herring Mysteries: Silent Witness”. Because of the way the title sounds, I’m guessing this could be the start of a brand-new Hallmark Movies & Mysteries series. However, Hallmark has not made any official announcements about this project. Another title that was listed on the website was “Wedding In The Vineyard”. This project will not only be in production from November 19th to December 7th, but is highly likely a continuation of the “In the Vineyard” series starring Rachael Leigh Cook and Brendan Penny. As of November 2018, Hallmark has not made any confirmations about this project.

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There were two titles on Creative BC’s “In Production” page that allude to what could be in store for next year’s “Winterfest” line-up. The first title is “Snowcoming”, which has already been confirmed to be a Hallmark movie! According to International Business Times, the movie will star Trevor Donovan and Lindy Booth. “Snowcoming” will be production from November 19th to December 7th. The second title is “Snow Princess”, which, as of November 2018, has not been officially announced by Hallmark. All that is known about the project is the title, the filming location, and the production dates (which are from November 13th to December 1st). Because “Snow Princess” also has the word snow in its title (like “Snowcoming”), I’m guessing that this movie will also be a part of Hallmark’s “Winterfest” line-up. The story could either be another “royal” movie or it could involve a pageant.

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This week, Hallmark released their official trailer for the Hallmark Hall of Fame film, Christmas Everlasting. As I’ve said before on my blog, I have been anticipating this movie since it was first announced back in April. After seeing Truly, Madly, Sweetly, it increased my level of excitement for Hallmark’s newest Hallmark Hall of Fame entry. Now that I have finally watched this trailer, I can honestly say that I couldn’t be more excited! This movie looks like it has a lot of potential; from the mystery surrounding the quilt to the potential balance of humor and dramatic emotions. To me, the marketing campaign for Christmas Everlasting is much better than The Beach House’s marketing. November 24th cannot come soon enough!

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What are your thoughts on these pieces of movie news? Which project are you looking forward to the most? Let me know in the comment section!


Have fun at the movies!

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