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Copyright: I have worked very hard to make my blog what it is today. I’d hate it if someone took my well-written (and sometimes well-researched) content and tried to pass it off as their own work. If you read something on my blog that you think is worth sharing with others, please quote me and reference 18 Cinema Lane. Though I feature movie posters, movie images, and clip art (and provide credit where it’s due), I also provide my own pictures that I’ve taken. These pictures are considered copyrighted, so please provide credit when sharing any images.

Blog and Comment Liability: On 18 Cinema Lane, I try my best to provide content that is not only entertaining, but also honest and accurate. Sometimes, things happen that are beyond my control, such as when information changes. For this, I am not liable for any information that has changed or may appear inaccurate. Sometimes, I will provide links to websites or articles relating to a particular post. I am not affiliated with those websites/articles and I am not liable for the content that is posted on those websites/articles. I also encourage readers of 18 Cinema Lane to share their thoughts and opinions in the comment section. Similar to what I mentioned earlier, what people choose to say in the comment section is beyond my control. I am not liable for what others say on my blog, but I do moderate incoming comments. Please think before you write or post.

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Consequences: If anyone should break any of the recommendations in my blog’s Terms & Conditions, I will report the incident to the appropriate person/persons.