Buzzwordathon — 2023

January: Buzzwordathon 2023: Review of ‘The Life She Was Given’ by Ellen Marie Wiseman

February: Buzzwordathon 2023: Review of ‘The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore’ by Joan Lowery Nixon

Buzzwordathon — 2022

January: Buzzwordathon 2022: Review of ‘How to Write Good’ by Ryan Higa

February: Buzzwordathon 2022: Review of ‘Wish You Well’ by David Baldacci

March: Buzzwordathon 2022: Review of ‘Private L.A.’ by James Patterson and Mark Sullivan

April: Buzzwordathon 2022 – Review of ‘A Little Princess’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett

May: My First Buzzwordathon Fail

June: Buzzwordathon 2022 – Review of ‘A Horse Called Holiday’ by Frances Wilbur

July: Buzzwordathon 2022: Review of ‘The Bookshop on the Corner’ by Jenny Colgan

August: Buzzwordathon 2022: Review of ‘Murder, She Wrote: The Queen’s Jewels’ by Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain + Blogathon Annoucement

September, October, and November: Buy One Buzzwordathon Fail, Get Two Free

December: I Finally Completed 2022’s Buzzwordathon!

Filmathon — 2020

My Results in the Readathon, Filmathon!