Take 3: Very, Very, Valentine Review

As we anticipate the arrival of March (as well as spring), I thought that watching Very, Very, Valentine would be a good finale to the month of February. Just as I was about to watch this movie, I realized that I would have watched and reviewed all of the “Countdown to Valentine’s Day” films! If I get the chance to watch all of the movies in a Hallmark movie line-up, I feel like I have the confidence to express my opinions on the overall line-up. Now, before March does arrive, let me review Very, Very, Valentine!

Very, Very, Valentine poster
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Things I liked about the film:

  • The acting: This movie did have a good cast. However, both Danica and Cameron were the stand-out performers! Danica and Cameron’s performances were so good, they were one of the highlights of this movie! In the scene where Helen was calling Henry from the wedding, I felt it was Danica’s best performance throughout the film! Cameron also gave a good performance as well, even providing the right amount of comic relief. It seems like just yesterday when Danica and Cameron were brand new members of the Hallmark community. Within that short amount of time, both of them have become two of some of the most recognizable stars on Hallmark Channel!


  • The on-screen chemistry: Danica and Cameron’s on-screen chemistry came across as very believable! The friendship that both Danica and Cameron portrayed on-screen seemed genuine. Both of their talents truly complemented one another, especially when they were delivering their lines of well-written banter. For their first time starring in a Hallmark movie together, Danica and Cameron did a good job as individual actors and a pair!


What I didn’t like about the film:

  • The pace: Very, Very, Valentine had a good start, but after the mystery was solved, the pace of the movie quickly started to slow down. From that moment on, the story just dragged.


  • Valentine’s Day as, simply, a backdrop: Out of all the “Countdown to Valentine’s Day” movies, the presence of Valentine’s Day in Very, Very, Valentine felt like a glorified extra. While the holiday was referenced in the story, it only seemed to be casually brought up. Also, it felt like the decorations were there just for the sake of it. If the basic story of this movie were featured in any other Hallmark movie line-up, it wouldn’t make any difference.


My overall impression:

Very, Very, Valentine was ok, but it was definitely the weakest movie in the “Countdown to Valentine’s Day” line-up. There were times when a good story was trying to break through, but something was always holding it back. Despite this, Danica and Cameron still found a way to stand out for all the right reasons! They both used the best of their acting abilities to give the best performance they could. I hope Danica and Cameron can star in another Hallmark movie together, but with a stronger story next time.


Overall score: 6 out of 10


Did you see Very, Very, Valentine? Have you seen all of the “Countdown to Valentine’s Day” films? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!


Have fun at the movies!

Sally Silverscreen

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