Sunset Over Hope Valley: Not As it Seems

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Taking things at face value is something that we’ve all done at least once in our lives. We judge a book by its cover, believe something for what it is, or quickly take someone else’s word. However, not everything is what it seems. False information may be passed along, providing opportunities for research and facts to come into play. Gossip and rumors can spread from ear to ear, but, more often than not, truth will prevail. Upon a second glance, looks can be deceiving. This episode of When Calls the Heart perfectly exemplifies everything I’ve just said. Several situations occur in Hope Valley that are easy to observe at face value. However, as you’ll read in this re-cap, the situations are not as they seem.

Just a reminder: If you did not see this episode of When Calls the Heart, there may be spoilers within this re-cap.

When Calls the Heart Season 7 poster
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Season: 7

Episode: 5

Name: An Unexpected Gift


Major Stories:

At the beginning of the episode, Elizabeth discovers that a lot of Jack’s clothing doesn’t fit him anymore. When Rosemary comes by to collect the clothes for a fellow neighbor, she sees how disappointed Elizabeth is. In an effort to cheer her up, Rosemary decides to give Elizabeth a bouquet of flowers. The next day, when Rosemary arrives to give Elizabeth the flowers, she discovers that Elizabeth is not home. So, Rosemary places the flowers on the doorstep with no attached card. Elizabeth is pleasantly surprised to find the flowers. When Bill pays her a visit and notices the flowers, he suspects that Nathan or Lucas is the culprit. Elizabeth, however, doesn’t make a big deal about the gesture. In his spare time, Bill tells Nathan and Lucas about the flowers, hoping one of them will reveal their secret. Both Nathan and Lucas are caught off guard, as none of them gave Elizabeth the flowers. In town, where Molly and Elizabeth have a conversation about the flowers, Ally overhears what they are saying. She also wonders if Nathan truly gave the gift. At Clara’s Bachelorette party, Elizabeth spends time with both Nathan and Lucas. She tries to figure out which man is responsible for the flowers. To Elizabeth’s disappointment, none of them seem to have given the bouquet. After the party, Rosemary reveals the she was the one who gave Elizabeth the flowers in an attempt to make her feel better about Jack growing up. Elizabeth is relived by this because she’s afraid of the idea of Nathan or Lucas falling in love with her being real. Rosemary tells her that it’s ok to open up her heart again. At the end of the episode, both Nathan and Lucas give Elizabeth a bouquet of flowers.


Throughout the episode, Rosemary is busy planning Clara’s Bachelorette party and creating Clara’s wedding dress. Her to-do list causes Lee to rethink his ideas for Jesse’s Bachelor party. Later that day, he meets with the guests to determine what will work. During the meeting, Lucas shares that he let the guests of the Bachelorette party reserve half the saloon. He also says the saloon’s chef will make the food for the aforementioned party. Because of this, Bill volunteers to make the food, with the help of Nathan. On the day of the Bachelor party, Jesse reveals that he’s nervous about getting married. He says that he’s afraid he won’t be a good enough husband to Clara. Lee comforts Jesse by sharing his past insecurities and reminding Jesse that his love for Clara is all that matters. At the party, the men discover that they’re not having as good of a time as they thought. Mike suggests that both parties should combine to become one big party. Every guest ends up taking this suggestion. As a result, everyone has a better experience because they’re spending time together. Lee also admits that Rosemary is more talented when it comes to planning events.

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Minor Stories:

Before she left for medical school, Faith hired Molly as the Infirmary’s secretary. This decision was made in an effort to help Carson with day-to-day duties. While Faith had good intentions, they lead to undesirable results. Molly creates appointment schedules without informing Carson, she diagnoses patients with no medical context, and she assumes the worst with her own health. All of this becomes too overwhelming for Carson. One day, he tells Molly not to diagnose patients without his knowledge. At first, it seems like Molly understands what Carson is saying. But, at Jesse and Clara’s party, Carson realizes that Mollie’s feelings are hurt. Florence tells Carson that Molly’s secretary job is the first full-time job she’s had in a long time. This fact makes Carson see how important this job is to Molly. When talking with Carson, at the party, Molly shares her medical concerns. Carson tells her that, sometimes, people can get carried away with certain medical terms and conditions. He also admits that he should have taken a gentler approach to the situation. As Molly continues to work at the Infirmary, it seems like she and Carson have gained a better understanding of each other.


Because she misses her ride to the city, Fiona asks Henry if she can borrow his car. She tells him she needs to go to Benson Hills to pick up parts for Bill’s phone. After getting his permission, Fiona is on her way to the city. Just as she’s about to leave, Rosemary asks her if they can carpool to Benson Hills. Rosemary says that she also has to go to the city so she can pick up material for Clara’s dress. After agreeing to take her, Fiona and Rosemary start their journey to Benson Hills. Later in the episode, Fiona and Rosemary are on their way back home. However, their trip is interrupted when they experience car trouble. While figuring out what to do, Rosemary recruits the help of a nearby neighbor. When the neighbor arrives, he helps Fiona take the car to Kevin, while Rosemary takes the dress material and heads to the dress shop. Back in Hope Valley, Kevin tries to help Fiona fix Henry’s car. However, his vehicle knowledge is very limited. Later that night, they arrive at Jesse and Clara’s party. While there, Henry asks Fiona where his car is. She tells him that it got dirty on the way home, so she wanted to clean it before giving it back to him. Henry tells her that he needs the car tomorrow in order to go to a meeting. The next day, when returning the car to Henry, Kevin and Fiona confess that the car is broken due to yesterday’s events. After dealing with the brakes, Henry reveals that the car isn’t broken, but sometimes experiences brake related issues.

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Some thoughts to consider:

  • In this episode, Clara’s dress isn’t revealed to the audience. Even in the commercial for the next episode, only a part of her dress is shown. I like how the show’s creative team is intentionally waiting until the wedding to show Clara’s dress. It creates a shared experience for the audience and the characters, as most of the characters are going to see the dress for the first time at the wedding. It also reminds me of Marrying Father Christmas, when Miranda’s dress wasn’t revealed until the wedding ceremony.


  • Speaking of the commercial for the next episode, the footage made it look like Jesse and Clara’s wedding will take place indoors. If this is the case, I would be disappointed. Hearties have never seen an outdoor wedding on the show before, so this would be When Calls the Heart history in the making. If the wedding takes place indoors and if the writers knew that was going to happen that far in advance, then why didn’t Jesse and Clara receive a Christmas wedding in the first place?


  • I know that a lot of fans are invested in the love triangle that is taking place on the show. However, I’m personally not a fan of it. In stories, I find love triangles to be a waste of time and creative energy. Nathan and Lucas trying to win over Elizabeth’s heart has gone on for too long, lasting a season and a half. Honestly, I hope this gets resolved soon so the writers can move on to a different story.
Red sunset clouds over trees.
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What did you think of this of this episode? Can you believe we’re already halfway through season seven? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


Have fun in Hope Valley!

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Take 3: A Brush with Love Review

If you’ve looked at the movies that I reviewed in March, you would notice that I’ve been in a movie reviewing slump. Out of the four movies that I reviewed, I thought only one of them was good. The rest were ok. So, since it’s been a month since I last talked about a Hallmark Channel movie, I decided to review A Brush with Love! Out of all the movies that are included in the “Spring Fever” line-up, this movie was not one of my most anticipated. While I was curious about the art aspect of the film, the story itself didn’t sound as intriguing as some of the other movies. However, I was happy to see that Arielle Kebbel had been cast in a Hallmark production. The last movie that Arielle starred in was 2015’s Bridal Wave. Was her return to Hallmark a triumphant one? Put on your art smock and get your paint palette ready, it’s time to review A Brush with Love!

A Brush with Love poster
A Brush with Love poster created by Crown Media Family Networks and Hallmark Channel. Image found at

Things I liked about the film:

  • The acting: I really enjoyed seeing the various acting performances throughout this film! Everyone did a good job portraying their respective characters. Nick Bateman gave such a strong performance in A Brush with Love, especially since this was his first starring role in any Hallmark movie! He definitely added enough charisma to make his character as likable as he was. It was also nice to see Arielle Kebbel return to the Hallmark community as one of the lead protagonists in this movie. Her performance came across very naturally, which helped her character appear relatable. The acting was absolutely one of the strengths of this film!


  • The incorporation of Spring-time: The season of Spring was incorporated into this story very well. From the scenery to the props, everything looked and felt like it was an appropriate fit for this particular time of year. I also liked the overall color palette that was found throughout this film. Almost everything was bright and cheery, helping to keep this story upbeat during the more light-hearted moments. It’s interesting to point out that this color palette complimented the season that was found within this movie. This added to the consistency of the over-arcing theme.


  • The idea of a “vision board”: A “vision board” is a concept that has rarely been seen in a Hallmark production. Because of that, I think this idea was a very interesting choice for the creative team behind this movie to incorporate in this specific story. Not only that, but the “vision board” itself was tailored to compliment the main protagonist’s passion; art. I found this detail to be creative and something that I hadn’t thought of until I saw A Brush with Love. Yes, I was aware of what “vision boards” were. But I wasn’t aware of the different ways that a “vision board” could be created. This movie showed that there is no set way on what a “vision board” should look like.
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What I didn’t like about the film:

  • The “vision board” in a small role: When I read the synopsis for A Brush with Love, I was led to believe that the protagonist’s “vision board” would play a large role in this story. But, in the overall context of the film, it felt like the “vision board” was just a component to a subplot. To me, it seemed like the story focused more on Jamie and Max’s growing relationship. When it came to the “vision board’s” inclusion, it was very disappointing.


  • The art school expansion subplot: In A Brush with Love, Jamie was planning on expanding her art school to more than one location. Within the overall story, this subplot didn’t make as big of an impact as the other subplots. While it made sense in the grand scheme of things, it kind of seemed like it was there for the sake of filling up the film’s run-time. It also seemed like this subplot just provided a reason for the protagonist’s parents to be featured in the narrative. I ended up not being impressed with this particular subplot.


  • A slower pace: Throughout this film, I found the pace to be on the slower side. This pace did effect the quality of the movie, causing some scenes to feel longer than they might have been intended. While the pace wasn’t as slow as in other movies I’ve seen, it could have been faster.


  • The conflict: I won’t spoil anything if you haven’t seen this movie yet. But I was not a fan of the conflict that happened toward the end of the movie. It seemed like that part of the story was incorporated into the overall narrative just to give the main characters a reason to get upset. Because of this conflict, it caused one of the protagonists to make a decision that felt very egotistical. This appeared so out-of-character for that particular protagonist, especially since they had never displayed any behaviors or actions that came across as self-centered. I understand that the creative team behind this film was trying to do something that other Hallmark projects don’t often do. However, I don’t think that creative decision worked in this story’s favor.
Seamless pattern with chamomile and poppies flowers
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My overall impression:

Despite the flaws, I think that A Brush with Love was a good, sweet film. Overall, this story was better than I thought it would be. There were several strengths that this movie had, such as the acting performances. This whole cast was really good, from the lead stars to all the child actors. That aspect of the film added to my enjoyment of the movie! Even though my favorite film from Hallmark Channel’s “Spring Fever” line-up, so far, is Flip That Romance, A Brush with Love is still a solid movie. I would recommend it not only to people who like Hallmark projects, but also to people who like the inclusion of art in their stories.


Overall score: 7.7 out of 10


Have you seen A Brush with Love? What is your favorite “Spring Fever” movie so far? Tell me in the comment section!


Have fun at the movies!

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Evenings At The Shore: We’ll be Right Back after these Realities

In an Evenings At The Shore post, I mentioned that, for the most part, Hallmark movies and television shows are modern day fairytales. However, Hallmark has, from time to time, incorporated pieces of realism into their productions. This has been done in order to give their audience something to relate to. On Chesapeake Shores, there is a large number of key characters within the show’s overall story. Because of this, fans and audience members can find a situation or moment that is relatable to them. As I’ve also mentioned in an Evenings At The Shore post, almost all of Hallmark’s movies and shows have a happy ending. This is meant to show viewers that when they put their minds to something, anything is possible. Let’s take a look at this episode re-cap for Chesapeake Shores!

Just a reminder: If you did not see this episode of Chesapeake Shores, there may be spoilers within this re-cap.

Chespeake Shores Season 3 poster
Chesapeake Shores poster image created by Crown Media Family Networks and Hallmark Channel. Image found at

Season: 3

Episode: 6

Name: Here and There


Trace’s story: Trace comes back to Chesapeake Shores after being on tour with his band. During his time back home, Trace learns that his father is planning on retiring and selling the bank. While discussing his father’s decision to retire, Trace reminds his dad that he was, sometimes, not emotionally present in Trace’s life. The next day, Trace and his band record some new music at a nearby recording studio. Just as they’re about the leave, one of the studio employees tells them that the computer with all their music crashed, meaning that everything on that computer was deleted. Because there were no other times available for the band to reschedule a recording session, Trace and his band had to re-record all of their music that same day. This meant that Trace had to cancel his plans to spend time with Abby and her daughters, so he immediately called Abby to let her know about the change in their plan. Later that day, Trace learns from Abby that Wes’ new girlfriend, Terri, is not only the author of her favorite blog, but that Wes plans on proposing to Terri. At dinner the next day, Carrie and Caitlyn ask Trace if he can go Snipe hunting with them. Trace declines their offer because he has a concert in Washington D.C. the following day. After Trace’s concert in D.C., he watches a video, on his phone, that Carrie and Caitlyn sent him of their Snipe hunting adventure. Trace realizes that by performing away from home, he’s missing out on these little yet significant moments. When Trace returns to The Bridge to discuss business negotiations with Mick, he asks Mick if he missed any moments from his children’s lives. Mick admits that he not only missed important moments from his children’s lives, he shares with Trace that he feels he mismanaged his time. Later that day, Trace visits his dad at the bank and helps him pack up his belongings. He surprises his dad with tickets to a Nationals baseball game and tells him that even though he doesn’t know a lot about parenting, he is willing to learn.


Abby’s story: During breakfast in the O’Brien household, Abby learns from her daughters, Carrie and Caitlyn, that Wes has been dating again. Surprised by this news, Abby tells Trace everything her daughters told her when she meets up with him at The Bridge. Trace reminds Abby to give Terri, Wes’ girlfriend, a chance and to not make any assumptions about her. The next day, Wes and Terri, as well as Terri’s daughter, come to Chesapeake Shores, giving Abby an opportunity to meet Terri. During a conversation between her, Terri, and Wes, Abby talked about her favorite blog and how it has influenced her life. When Terri leaves the conversation to check out Carrie and Caitlyn’s fairy garden, Wes confesses that Terri is the creator and author of Abby’s favorite blog. Wes also confesses that he plans on proposing to Terri. Abby not only plans a family dinner where she invites Wes and Terri, but after that dinner, she confesses to Megan that the situation itself is a good and bad thing. It’s a good thing because Carrie and Caitlyn have already accepted Terri in their lives, but it’s a bad thing because Abby feels like she’s being left out of the family picture. Megan tells Abby that when she left the O’Brien family and Abby and Nell chose to take care of the rest of the O’Brien children, Megan felt the same way then as Abby does now.


Mick’s story: Throughout this episode, Mick spends some quality time with Megan. They both reflect on their past and what was happened to them recently. Mick shares with Megan that his relationship with Connor is in a better place now than it was before. While Mick is looking back on all of these events, he starts to question how he has spent his time. When Trace asks him, during a business negotiation meeting at The Bridge, if he missed any moments from his children’s lives, Mick tells Trace that he has not only missed important moments from his children’s lives, those missed opportunities have made Mick question how he spends his time. After a family dinner, Mick and Megan continue to reflect on their past. By the end of the episode, both Mick and Megan agree to start letting the past go and start building a brighter future. Megan also joins Mick on a trip to his boat, making Mick happy that his boat crew gained a new member.


Megan’s story: In this episode, Megan and Mick spend some quality time together. During this time, they reflect on their past as well as their present. Megan tells Mick that she has, so far, enjoyed her new life in Chesapeake Shores. After a family dinner, when Abby shares her feelings about the situation surrounding Wes’ new girlfriend, Megan confesses to Abby that when she left the O’Brien family and Abby and Nell decided to take care of the rest of the O’Brien children, she felt the same way back then as Abby does now. Megan also continues to reflect on her past with Mick. By the end of this episode, both Megan and Mick agree to start leaving the past behind and moving forward toward the future. Megan also goes on a trip with Mick to his boat and becomes a new member of Mick’s boat crew.

Lots of hydrangeas, roses and pinks make a colorful wall
Bunch of flowers image created by V.ivash at <a href=’’>Designed by V.ivash</a>. <a href=””>Flower image created by V.ivash –</a>. Image found at

Nell’s story: Nell participates in a flower arrangement competition. She suggests that Connor attend the event with her, with Connor agreeing to go after Nell tricks him into attending. At the competition, Nell interacts with Dorothy, a long-time winner of the contest. Dorothy acts like the prize has her name written all over it, which makes Nell suspicious. During this interaction, Connor takes pictures of Dorothy’s flower arrangement. Nell discovers that one of the flowers was not grown in the state of Maryland, which means that Dorothy has broken one of the competition’s rules. After this discovery is made, Nell encourages Connor to do more research about the situation. The next day, Nell finds out from Connor that Dorothy ordered the flower in question from outside the United States. Nell also learns that after her husband died, Dorothy’s finances and her place of residence have not been stable. These facts make Nell realize that winning, in Dorothy’s perspective, means more than trophies and recognition. On the day of the final results for the flower arrangement competition, Nell wins second place and Dorothy wins first place. Instead of revealing Dorothy as a cheater, Nell chooses to become Dorothy’s friend. Nell tells Dorothy that at the end of the day, friendship is more important than winning.


Bree’s story: Bree is continuing to edit her manuscripts. When she’s not doing that, she decides to spend time with Simon at Word Play. During an author showcase event that Bree organized, Bree discovers that Simon took an idea from her manuscript and put it  into his book. This makes Bree upset and Simon confused. When they talk about the situation the next day, Bree tells him that the specific idea that Simon took was a reflection on her life, so having her personal thoughts being incorporated into someone else’s book was something that Bree was not ok with. While he understands that he should have asked for Bree’s permission before putting that idea into his book, Simon feels that writing is about taking inspiration from the world around you. Simon then tells Bree that she and her writing have been an inspiration to him and that he enjoys spending time with Bree. After a family dinner at the O’Brien home, Bree and Simon question the seriousness of their relationship. They know their relationship is moving in a good direction, but they don’t what to call it. The next day, Simon tells Bree that he has to go to UCLA in order to give a presentation. Before he leaves, they kiss, which indicates to the audience that their relationship is still on good terms.


Kevin’s story: At the beginning of the episode, Kevin receives three EMT job offers. However, Kevin is more disappointed that none of these offers are close to home. Throughout this episode, Kevin works on rotation at the same firehouse where Sarah is employed. During his time at the firehouse, Kevin admits to Sarah that he enjoyed working there and that he was the happiest he has been in a long time. He shares his concerns with her about the potential of not being able to work close to home. He also wishes that he could work alongside Sarah.


Jess’ story: During David’s absence at the Inn, Jess discovers that she has gained a new sense of independence. However, this independence makes it difficult for David to make a meaningful contribution to the Inn. David suggests that him and Jess go on a dinner date, with Jess quickly agreeing to this plan. During this dinner date, Jess apologizes to David for leaving the Peck household the way she did. She explains to him that she didn’t like the way his parents treated her and she just wanted to speak her mind. David says that shortly after Jess left, David found out about the background search through Alexandra. David took Alexandra’s side on that issue and Alexandra became the new head of the family business. David explains that his relationship with his parents is now strained. After a family dinner at the O’Brien household, David tells Jess that he enjoys spending time with Jess’ family because he has more fun with them than with his own family. Toward the end of the episode, Jess and David come to an agreement of splitting up the responsibilities at the Inn.


Connor’s story: Connor ends up getting tricked by Nell into attending a flower arrangement competition. At the event, Nell makes Connor take pictures of the flower arrangement that was created by Dorothy, Nell’s biggest competitor. After Nell’s conversation with Dorothy, Connor shows Nell the pictures he took on his phone. Connor and Nell discover that one of the flowers in the arrangement was not grown in Maryland. This means that Dorothy broke one of the competition’s rules. Connor is then encouraged by Nell to do more research about the situation. The next day, Connor shares with Nell what he learned about Dorothy. He tells her that Dorothy did purchase the flower in question from outside the United States. He also tells Nell that after Dorothy’s husband died, her finances and her place of residence have not been stable. When the final results of the flower arrangement competition are revealed the following day, Nell ends up winning second place and Dorothy wins first place. Connor is shocked when he sees Nell take out her phone and appear as if she’s approaching the judge. However, Connor sees that Nell walks past the judge and straight toward Dorothy. He learns about Nell’s plan to become Dorothy’s friend and is impressed by Nell’s good sense of sportsmanship.

Baseball game illustration
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Some thoughts to consider:


  • Nell’s story from this episode is, honestly, one of the best story-lines that Nell has ever been given on Chesapeake Shores! As I look back on this episode, I wonder if Dorothy will be hired at the Inn as the resident gardener? Since Connor mentioned that Dorothy’s finances and place of residence were not stable, working at the Inn could provide Dorothy with a stable income and a safe place to live. Dorothy could also apply her gardening/flower arrangement skills in a less competitive environment.


  • In an Evenings At The Shore post, I mentioned that Connor became somewhat unlikable within Chesapeake Shores’ first three episodes. Ever since Connor apologized to Kevin, I feel that Connor has gained some of that likability back. I liked Connor’s role in this episode and I hope Nell’s actions of kindness and good sportsmanship inspire Connor to help someone in need.


  • I like how Mick’s boat is slowly but surely helping to heal old wounds and bring the family back together. I don’t know if it was mentioned on Chesapeake Shores, but I wonder who gave Mick that boat and what their rationale for doing that was?
Starry night landscape with reeds
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What did you think about this episode? How do you think things will turn out in the upcoming episodes? Let me know in the comment section!


Have fun in Chesapeake Shores!

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Take 3: Very, Very, Valentine Review

As we anticipate the arrival of March (as well as spring), I thought that watching Very, Very, Valentine would be a good finale to the month of February. Just as I was about to watch this movie, I realized that I would have watched and reviewed all of the “Countdown to Valentine’s Day” films! If I get the chance to watch all of the movies in a Hallmark movie line-up, I feel like I have the confidence to express my opinions on the overall line-up. Now, before March does arrive, let me review Very, Very, Valentine!

Very, Very, Valentine poster
Very, Very, Valentine poster image created by Crown Media Family Networks and Hallmark Channel Poster image found at,%20Very,%20Valentine&IsSeries=False

Things I liked about the film:

  • The acting: This movie did have a good cast. However, both Danica and Cameron were the stand-out performers! Danica and Cameron’s performances were so good, they were one of the highlights of this movie! In the scene where Helen was calling Henry from the wedding, I felt it was Danica’s best performance throughout the film! Cameron also gave a good performance as well, even providing the right amount of comic relief. It seems like just yesterday when Danica and Cameron were brand new members of the Hallmark community. Within that short amount of time, both of them have become two of some of the most recognizable stars on Hallmark Channel!


  • The on-screen chemistry: Danica and Cameron’s on-screen chemistry came across as very believable! The friendship that both Danica and Cameron portrayed on-screen seemed genuine. Both of their talents truly complemented one another, especially when they were delivering their lines of well-written banter. For their first time starring in a Hallmark movie together, Danica and Cameron did a good job as individual actors and a pair!


What I didn’t like about the film:

  • The pace: Very, Very, Valentine had a good start, but after the mystery was solved, the pace of the movie quickly started to slow down. From that moment on, the story just dragged.


  • Valentine’s Day as, simply, a backdrop: Out of all the “Countdown to Valentine’s Day” movies, the presence of Valentine’s Day in Very, Very, Valentine felt like a glorified extra. While the holiday was referenced in the story, it only seemed to be casually brought up. Also, it felt like the decorations were there just for the sake of it. If the basic story of this movie were featured in any other Hallmark movie line-up, it wouldn’t make any difference.


My overall impression:

Very, Very, Valentine was ok, but it was definitely the weakest movie in the “Countdown to Valentine’s Day” line-up. There were times when a good story was trying to break through, but something was always holding it back. Despite this, Danica and Cameron still found a way to stand out for all the right reasons! They both used the best of their acting abilities to give the best performance they could. I hope Danica and Cameron can star in another Hallmark movie together, but with a stronger story next time.


Overall score: 6 out of 10


Did you see Very, Very, Valentine? Have you seen all of the “Countdown to Valentine’s Day” films? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!


Have fun at the movies!

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