Sunset Over Hope Valley: It’s the Little Things

Jesse’s new haircut. Henry presenting yellow roses to Florence. Clara and Rosemary opening a box of inventory from Dottie. What do these things have in common? They are all small details that make a big impact! When it comes to writing, it’s the little things that count. With Jesse’s haircut, it maintains the consistency within the show’s overarching story. Yellow roses symbolize friendship, which Henry was seeking after the accusations he made in the previous episode. Dottie is a character that hasn’t appeared on the show in several seasons, so hearing Clara and Rosemary say her name was a pleasant surprise. Throughout this season, I will be on the lookout for more small details that stand out in the script. In the meantime, let’s start this re-cap of When Calls the Heart!

Just a reminder: If you did not see this episode of When Calls the Heart, there may be spoilers within this re-cap.

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Season: 8

Episode: 3

Name: From the Ashes

Major stories:

When attempting to remove more oil from the geyser, Mike suggests to Lucas that the crew should drill another 50 feet. Even though it is a risky move, Lucas agrees to the idea. As the crew continues to drill, they feel a rumbling beneath the ground. After the crew runs away from the geyser, oil begins to burst out of the hole. All of the sudden, the geyser explodes into flames. This was caused by a high-pressure blowout that took place during the initial drilling. Lucas and Jesse try to figure out what to do, while also trying to keep the other crew members safe. They are eventually joined by Bill, Henry, Ned, and Nathan. Henry suggests dynamite be used to distinguish the fire, an idea the rest of the men agree to. Right before this plan is put into place, Fiona shows up to lend a hand. The group gathers all the dynamite they can find and push them from a cart into the fire. Their plan works, causing no fatalities or major injuries. The fire also causes little to no damage.

While Rosemary and Elizabeth discuss Elizabeth’s potential relationship between Nathan or Lucas, Lucas crosses paths with them on his way to the library. After Elizabeth ends her conversation with Rosemary, Lucas tells Rosemary how he noticed his mother appeared different than usual. This causes him to want to call his father in an attempt to surprise his mother. At this point in the episode, Lucas still doesn’t know about his parents’ situation. While editing Elizabeth’s manuscript, Elizabeth shares how it’s difficult to keep Helen’s secret from Lucas. She suggests Helen tell her son what’s been going on. When Elizabeth looks out the window in Helen’s room, Helen addresses Elizabeth’s feelings for Nathan and Lucas. After the geyser explosion, Lucas meets Helen at the Café. When he asks her where his father is, she tells him she’ll find out where he is. Eventually, Lucas finds out the truth about his father. He approaches Elizabeth and asks her why she kept this secret from him. She says Helen told her not to say anything to him. A few scenes later, Helen visits Elizabeth at her home. She feels overwhelmed by her relationship issues. Elizabeth reminds Helen how she needs to show her husband her vulnerable side and fight for her marriage. Helen pauses the editing process on Elizabeth’s manuscript to go home and rekindle her relationship with her husband. Meanwhile, Lucas is still upset with Elizabeth. She tells him what she told his mother. Lucas feels Elizabeth doesn’t know what she is talking about because she is currently not in a relationship.

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Minor stories:

At the Mercantile, Lee receives a package. This package contains a chair he purchased on his and Rosemary’s South American vacation. Jesse, who also happens to be at the Mercantile, tries to sit in Lee’s chair. Lee discourages this, as he says it’s bad luck if he isn’t the first person to sit in the chair. To take Jesse’s mind off of the chair, Lee instructs Jesse to take Lee’s motorcycle to the lumberyard, as Lee plans on selling it. When Jesse goes to Lee and Rosemary’s house, he chooses to ride on the motorcycle, discovering how much he likes it. However, Clara disapproves of the motorcycle when Jesse pays his wife a visit at the dress shop. Jesse decides to buy the motorcycle from Lee. After Lee sells it for $20, Jesse takes a trip to a neighboring town on the motorcycle. During his journey, the motorcycle runs out of gas, causing Jesse to walk with the motorcycle to his destination. Meanwhile, in Hope Valley, Rosemary takes a seat in Lee’s chair while he is at work. Unfortunately, Lee’s chair breaks due to a cracked leg. When Lee comes home, Rosemary apologizes for breaking Lee’s chair. Lee then reveals how he and his grandfather built a chair like the one Lee bought when he was younger. He also shares how he misses building things. At the end of the episode, Rosemary creates a work station for Lee, so Lee can get back to building again.

Bill asks Nathan if he’s still interested in purchasing his land, as Bill says there is another buyer interested in the property. Nathan replies he has changed his mind. Andrew, a Mountie who mentored Nathan, informs him of an inquiry that is about to take place. Because a Mountie was killed in last season’s prisoner transfer, Andrew is investigating Nathan’s involvement in the Mountie’s death. Because Andrew was mentored by Bill, Bill notices the tension between Nathan and Andrew. At Nathan’s office, Bill asks Nathan why he doesn’t like Andrew. Nathan doesn’t provide any details. Andrew visits Bill, in order to inspect the potential courtroom for the inquiry. Bill asks Andrew the same question he asks Nathan. Just like Nathan, Andrew doesn’t provide any additional information.

The day after the geyser explosion, Florence notices how Ned appears in pain whenever he walks. Florence volunteers to take him to the Infirmary. While at the Infirmary, Faith discovers Ned has an internal ankle fracture due to Ned’s foot falling into a hole. However, Carson says Ned has an external ankle fracture. Frustrated by this experience, Faith shares her feelings with Clara and Fiona after Ned’s visit. Later in the episode, Faith shares with Carson how her recent experience is similar to what she went through in medical school, where she wasn’t taken seriously and no one seemed to listen to her. She tells Carson how she wants to be heard and seen as a doctor.

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Some thoughts to consider:

  • Even though I liked the storyline involving the geyser, I wish it had lasted a little longer and raised the stakes a bit higher. This could have been one of the most suspenseful moments in the show’s history, with the audience questioning certain characters’ outcomes and wondering what the explosion’s aftermath will look like. I will say this particular storyline was more interesting than most of the subplots in the season premiere.
  • I heard a theory of Jack possibly returning to Hope Valley after his identity was mistaken and he experienced amnesia. Because Jack is brought up in the preview for next week’s episode and after Bill mentioned the other buyer interested in his property, maybe this theory could be true? It would provide a convenient way for Elizabeth not to choose Nathan or Lucas. However, nothing has been confirmed or denied by anyone associated from the show.
  • Now that Lee is going to start building again, I wonder if he’ll finally build Rosemary that theater she wanted since season two? It could provide the show’s creative team with a story to give Rosemary and Lee. The theater would also create growth in Hope Valley.
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What are your thoughts on this episode? Are you looking forward to the Canfield family’s introduction in the next episode? Tell me in the comment section!

Have fun in Hope Valley!

Sally Silverscreen

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