Word on the Street: Hallmark’s Upcoming ‘Aurora Teagarden’ Film Could Be Pulled from Schedule

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As I’ve said in a Word on the Street story from two weeks ago, the Coronavirus has delayed upcoming films and even forced some of them to reschedule their release dates. The pandemic has also caused conflicts for Hallmark. While visiting Hotline to Hallmark’s official Twitter feed, it was reported that Candace Cameron Bure was interviewed by someone from Entertainment Tonight. According to the tweet, Candace addresses her upcoming movies from the Aurora Teagarden series. This interview was conducted through video-chat, with the full interview being shown on Youtube. In this video, Katie Krause, from Entertainment Tonight, talks to Candace about how she and her family are dealing with the world’s current medical situation. Almost halfway through the interview, Katie asks Candace if any of her projects had to stop because of the Coronavirus. Candace shares that the cast and crew of the Aurora Teagarden series “were in the middle of filming a new Aurora Teagarden mystery for the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel”. Candace also reveals that they “got in one week of production” before the project was halted. Though she doesn’t reveal the title of the movie, I’m guessing that Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Reunited and It Feels So Deadly was the one that got delayed, especially since Creative B.C. lists the film’s production dates for March 9th to the 27th. Toward the end of the interview, Katie asks Candace if the upcoming film, Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Heist and Seek was still premiering in April. While the movie, for now, is “still scheduled to air”, according to Candace, the film might get pulled from the upcoming Spring line-up. This is because, as Candace says in the video, “I, actually, still have to do some of the sound work on that movie”. Candace does say that she and the creative team behind the series are trying to find a way for her to finish the sound work on the film. However, as of late March 2020, the movie’s official page on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ website lists the premiere date as “coming soon”.

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Do you think we’ll see Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Heist and Seek premiere in April? What mystery movies are you looking forward to watching in the near future? Please tell me in the comment section.


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Sources for this Word on the Street story:

  • Type “Candace Cameron Bure: Hallmark Projects In Flux Due to Pandemic | Full Interview” into Youtube’s search bar or visit Entertainment Tonight’s Youtube channel


  • Type ‘@HotlineHallmark’ into Twitter’s search bar




4 thoughts on “Word on the Street: Hallmark’s Upcoming ‘Aurora Teagarden’ Film Could Be Pulled from Schedule

  1. If you follow that link you provided, you will see that it has already been pulled from the schedule. You’ll see Hallmark lists it as “coming soon.” So I think we can turn the “may” be pulled to “will” be pulled. Thank you for your article about this.

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    1. Thanks for reading my article, Ruth! While it does seem like this movie may not reach its April release date, I haven’t heard any confirmations or denials from anyone at Hallmark or from the movie’s creative team, besides what Candace said in her interview. I know some people have been running with the story that this movie did get cancelled. But “coming soon” does not mean “cancelled indefinitely”. I’m also aware of Hallmark’s reputation for pulling movies from schedules with no explanations. However, if the project is postponed because of the Coronavirus, I’d like to think Hallmark or someone from the movie’s creative team would say something.

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      1. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to imply the movie would be postponed forever. Since Hallmark doesn’t have a CEO at the moment, we aren’t always getting official word from Hallmark. I will say in a positive front, Lexa Doig, the actress who plays Ro’s reporter friend, did post that she was doing ADR at home. This could be a positive sign. We’ll have to watch closely to see what the actors have to say on social media. As always thank you for continuing to post your thoughts.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. You’re welcome and no need to apologize. What I was trying to say is “coming soon” can mean a variety of things. It doesn’t necessarily mean the movie will indeed be pulled from the schedule. I recently checked Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ website and now it says the ‘Aurora Teagarden’ film will premiere on April 12th. I’m hoping we can recieve this chapter of the series as originally planned.

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