RE-POST: Choosing the Best Actress of 2020’s Gold Sally Awards

As I said in last week’s Word on the Street story, no winner was determined in the Best Actress division of the Gold Sally Awards. Because of this, I decided to re-post the Best Actress poll, so people who are interested in voting can have a second chance to choose among the ten nominees. Like the previous polls, you’re allowed to vote for more than one actress. However, you can only vote once per person. This poll starts today, March 20th, and ends on March 26th.

Who is the Best Actress of 2019?
Cindy Busby – A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love
Haya Harareet — Ben-Hur (1959)
Maggie Lawson – Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings
Fiona Gubelmann — Easter Under Wraps
Melissa Claire Egan – Holiday for Heroes
Sadie Stanley – Kim Possible (2019)
Jill Wagner – Mystery 101: Words Can Kill
Italia Ricci – Rome in Love
Rachel Weisz – Swept from the Sea
Kimberley Sustad – The Nine Lives of Christmas
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Have fun voting!

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5 thoughts on “RE-POST: Choosing the Best Actress of 2020’s Gold Sally Awards

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