Announcing the Gold Sally Awards’ Hallmark Star of the Year!

This is it; the final division of the First Annual Gold Sally Awards! When I first introduced the Gold Sally Awards back in January, I provided a brief explanation of what the Hallmark Star of the Year is. Now that the time has come for this division to begin, a more thorough explanation is needed. What makes a Hallmark star a “Hallmark Star”? Sure, it can mean a person that appears in a Hallmark movie. But I feel it has to be something more than that. The Hallmark Star of the Year Award is an attempt to answer this question. There are so many people that make Hallmark what it is. However, some of these people don’t always get the recognition they deserve. As I’ve also mentioned, this division is the most interactive category of the Gold Sally Awards. This is true, as you get to decide who will be crowned the first ever Hallmark Star of the Year! Now I will provide more details as to how you can participate!

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Who is eligible for a nomination?

In this division, voters are allowed to choose one nominee per person. The people that would be eligible for this award are:


  • Former and current Hallmark stars
  • Hallmark Hall of Fame alumni
  • Members from the business side of Hallmark
  • Directors, producers, screen-writers, etc. of Hallmark projects
  • Authors of adapted Hallmark productions
  • Team members from Home & Family
  • Animals that have appeared in Hallmark affiliated programs (ex: kittens from the Kitten Bowl)


When deciding on who to nominate, I would kindly encourage you to choose someone who is currently living. The only reason why I suggest this is in the event that your nominee was to visit this blog, I would want them to see how their participation in the Hallmark community has made an impact on Hallmark’s audience/fans.


How do I nominate someone for the Hallmark Star of the Year Award?

It’s a very simply process! All you have to do is write a brief, but thorough explanation for why your chosen nominee is worthy of receiving this title. Here is a template for how to set up your nomination:


Name: (This is pretty self-explanatory)

Connection to Hallmark: (This is where you can say how your nominee is affiliated with Hallmark. If your nominee has worked on more than one Hallmark project, name the most recent project of theirs.)

Nomination: (This is where you get to explain why your nominee should receive the title of Hallmark Star of the Year! For advice on how to create your nomination, consider the letters in the word Star:


S – Has your nominee participated in any community service opportunities? Have they performed a selfless act that you admired?

T – Do you admire your nominee’s talent? Do you believe that your nominee’s talent gets overshadowed or receives the right amount of attention?

A – Has your nominee accomplished something great? Have they earned an achievement that you wish more people knew about?

R – Do you feel that your nominee is under-rated? Do you think that your nominee has received a good amount of recognition?)


Where do I put my vote?

Like the previous voting categories, you can place your vote in the comment section of this post.


How long will this division last?

Voting for the Hallmark Star of the Year Award will begin today, May 11th, and end on May 21st.


I can’t wait to see who you’ve nominated for the Hallmark Star of the Year Award! Happy voting!


Have fun at the movies!

Sally Silverscreen

6 thoughts on “Announcing the Gold Sally Awards’ Hallmark Star of the Year!

  1. My votes for Hallmark Star of the Year:

    Brennan Elliott–one of the most responsive Hallmark stars on Twitter/Instagram. He consistently live tweets and interacts with the fans, and he is supportive of the fans and his co-workers. I am thoroughly impressed with the way he lives his life, and his body of work is so diverse and uplifting. He is Hallmark with a Capital H.

    Paul Greene: Another inspirational actor who continues to give back to ALS research and the Golden Hat Foundation for autism. He was the first of the actors on When Calls the Heart to reach out after the scandal broke, and he consistently puts the needs of others before his own. He makes every single fan feel welcome and important. He continues to inspire and influence people in all areas of their lives. (I could detail many deeds that I know, but let’s just say he treats the fans as if they are truly family and does things to inspire and encourage.)

    Michelle Vicary: The vice-president of Hallmark whose words to me I shall never forget–“It’s not that hard to be kind.” She puts her family first, and she encourages everyone else within the organization to do so as well. She is inspiring, encouraging, personable, and always professional. She is the pro-women face of Hallmark, and she inspires other women to be just as strong and kind in their own lives. She treats everyone like family and never has a mean word to say about anyone.

    David Winning: Consistently the kindest and calmest of directors within the network. He has directed so many movies it is amazing. And everyone explains how in the wake of chaos, he remains calm. He is personable and encouraging. And he represents everything that Hallmark is.

    Lacey Chabert: With a record number of Hallmark movies under her belt, no matter how she is feeling, her co-stars always describe her as one who puts others’ needs before her own. She gets along with everyone, no matter what. And she is consistently professional and kind. She is a working mom, and while her family comes first, she also interacts with the fans and always thinks about how she can help everyone else.

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