Word on the Street: Details revealed about upcoming Hallmark Hall of Fame movie!

When I reviewed the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, The Beach House, I mentioned that a new movie in the HHoF (Hallmark Hall of Fame) collection was announced during the sneak peek commercial that aired after the film. At that time, however, the only detail that was revealed about this upcoming HHoF film was that it would premiere sometime during the Christmas season. Since late April, Hallmark has been pretty secretive about their Christmas HHoF movie. This movie has been kept so tightly under-wraps, that Hallmark didn’t even make an announcement for the film during their Summer TCA Event. Recently, some details about this particular film have been revealed by one of Hallmark’s directors. Ron Oliver, who has directed and written several Hallmark movies (including a directing credit on last year’s HHoF movie, The Christmas Train), has mentioned that he is working on a movie titled “The Second Sister”. In the four Instagram posts where Ron mentions this title, he also mentions the Hallmark Hall of Fame, either in a direct statement or in a hashtag. In two of these aforementioned posts, Ron mentions that he is not only going to Atlanta, Georgia to make the movie, but it also indicates that he is already in Atlanta, Georgia. As someone who has this new HHoF movie as their most anticipated Christmas movie this year, these tidbits of information really don’t surprise me. I’ve already mentioned that Ron directed last year’s HHoF Christmas movie, The Christmas Train. That movie was not only the second highest rated movie during the 2017 “Countdown to Christmas” line-up, it became the third highest rated Christmas movie in Hallmark Channel history! So, it makes sense that Hallmark would want to hire Ron for another HHoF production. Also, as part of what I liked about the movie, I mentioned in my review of The Beach House that the movie was filmed in Georgia, specifically on Tybee Island. The idea of Hallmark wanting to film another HHoF movie in the Peach State does not shock me.

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Upon discovering these pieces of information about this upcoming HHoF movie, there are still some questions I have about the film. In some of Ron’s Instagram posts that mention either Hallmark Hall of Fame or “The Second Sister”, Ron references Tyler Perry Studios. How much involvement will Tyler Perry Studios have in this movie? Will they have any involvement at all? While I was trying to find more information about “The Second Sister” on the internet, I came across three books with that exact same title. It’s not uncommon for a HHoF movie to be based on a book, with both The Christmas Train and The Beach House serving as good examples. While reading the synopsis of each novel, I found myself imagining each of these stories as a HHoF film. Here is a short list of the books I found:

  • The Second Sister by Claire Kendal – About a woman attempting to find her missing sister. We haven’t really seen a mystery story incorporated into a HHoF movie since 2000’s Missing Pieces, so this would be an ambiguous project for the network.


  • The Second Sister by Marie Bostwick – About a woman from the big city inheriting her deceased sister’s cottage in a small town. Based on the synopsis, this story does bear some similarities to The Beach House. The themes that I picked up on, such as family and reconnecting with loved ones, are those that have been found in other Hallmark movies, especially those from the HHoF collection.


  • The Second Sister by Carrie Weaver – About a woman trying to reconnect her family to fulfill her father’s dying wish. This is another story that bears some similarities to The Beach House. It also contains subject material that might be too serious for the typical Hallmark Channel film, but could be explored in a HHoF movie, such as abusive relationships and a broken family dynamic.
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At this time, it’s unknown if any of these books will serve as the basis for this HHoF movie or if Ron will write an original screenplay for the film. If “The Second Sister” is based on any of these three books, I hope it’s Claire Kendal’s novel. As I’ve already mentioned, the last time a HHoF movie has had a mystery incorporated into the main plot was in Missing Pieces from 2000 (which was based on the novel, Atticus, by Ron Hansen). Personally, I can picture Claire’s story being set during Christmas, with the clues to the disappearance of the protagonist’s sister possibly correlating with the ‘12 Days of Christmas’. For all of the reasons I just mentioned, this would be an ambitious project for Hallmark. It would also be quite different from the other HHoF movies that have premiered in recent years. Another detail about this film that has not been revealed yet is which actors and actresses have been officially cast in this movie. However, I would, one day, like to see Marguerite Moreau and Laci J. Mailey cast in a HHoF movie where they get to portray sisters. I think Marguerite and Laci look similar enough to each other that their portrayal of sisters would come across as very believable. Also, Marguerite is a Hallmark Hall of Fame alumni, as she starred in The Locket back in 2002. While Laci has never starred in a HHoF movie, she is one of the series regulars on Chesapeake Shores and has appeared in the Signed, Sealed, Delivered series. Seeing one of the stars of their favorite series would be very exciting for fans of Chesapeake Shores and Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

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What are your thoughts on this movie news story? Are you looking forward to “The Second Sister”? Please tell me your thoughts in the comment section!


Have fun at the movies!

Sally Silverscreen


If you want to check out the sources I referenced in this post, visit Ron Oliver’s official Instagram feed (at ronoliver), Ron’s official IMDB page, the official IMDB page for The Locket, Laci J. Mailey’s official IMDB page, and these links:




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