Word on the Street: My thoughts on the new release date for “Avengers: Infinity War”

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard by now that Avengers: Infinity War will now be released on April 27th (if you didn’t know, well, you do now). Instead of reporting on this significant piece of movie news (because that’s already been done), I’ve decided to share with you how I really feel about it.

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I found out two days ago as I was looking at YouTube on my phone. When I was scrolling down the page, I stumbled across a video from ScreenJunkies News titled “Why Did Marvel Just Change Avengers Release Date? Our Theories – INFINITY WAR BREAKING NEWS”. Without having watched the video yet, I instantly became shocked by the video’s headline (mostly because Marvel has never changed movie release dates after they were officially announced). Then I came across a video from Beyond The Trailer titled “Avengers Infinity War April 27th NEW RELEASE DATE”. As I read this second headline, I couldn’t understand why Marvel would do something like this for their biggest, and arguably most important, film. Determined to get answers to my quickly growing lists of questions, I watched the videos from both ScreenJunkies News and Beyond The Trailer, as well as a video from ColliderVideos titled “Avengers: Infinity War Release Date Moves Up One Week”. While watching each of these videos, the words of Roth Cornet and Billy Business (from ScreenJunkies News), Grace Randolph (from Beyond The Trailer), and John Rocha and Mark Reilly (from ColliderVideos) eased my anxious mind-set as they explained the circumstances leading up to and surrounding the sudden news (which involved a very cute Twitter exchange between Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel Studios). Everything each of these respective hosts said in their videos sounded good, but I still have one concern. In all three videos, it was mentioned that Avengers: Infinity War will be released around the world on April 27th. The last time a superhero film had a release date correlating with other areas of the world was Justice League (and we all know how that worked out for Warner Brothers). With each of these videos reflecting very positive opinions about Marvel’s recent decision, I now feel confident that Marvel made a good decision! As someone who has Avengers: Infinity War as their most anticipated movie of this year, I know that April will be a very exciting month for not only me, but also 18 Cinema Lane!


If you want to watch any of the videos I talked about in this post, you can go to YouTube and either type the title of the video or the channel name into the search bar.


What are your thoughts about this release date? Are you excited to be seeing the film earlier than expected? Please share your thoughts in the comment section!


Have fun at the movies!

Sally Silverscreen

2 thoughts on “Word on the Street: My thoughts on the new release date for “Avengers: Infinity War”

  1. For me it was a good move since Deadpool is released on 19th May a day Disney now has money from both. It makes way more time to earn from both instead of competing with themselves.
    And bonus info, a lot of European countries had 27th April premiere from the very beginning.

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    1. Thanks for sharing that bonus info, Lisa! In the YouTube videos I mentioned in this post, one of the speculations for this date change was, in fact, to correlate with the international release dates in an effort to prevent spoilers.


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