Word on the Street: Hallmark’s “Summer of Dreams” sequel will soon go into production; Lifetime remaking “The Bad Seed”

There are two pieces of movie news, found on What’s Filming, that I felt needed to be shared with you. The first is about an upcoming Hallmark film. In an article on Southern Living, it was mentioned that a sequel for the Hallmark film “Summer of Dreams” was coming as a part of the “June Weddings” line-up. The sequel, titled for now as “Dream On”, has been added to the list, on What’s Filming, of upcoming productions for the Vancouver and British Columbia area! Filming will start on March 5th and Debbie Gibson has already been attached to the project. As much as I’m looking forward to seeing this movie, especially after having seen the first one, I admit I’m surprised by the fact that out of all the “Summer Nights” movies to premiere in 2016, “Summer of Dreams” was the one to get a sequel. I will definitely watch the next installment with an open mind, as I’m curious to see how the next chapter unfolds.

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The other piece of movie news is an upcoming project from Lifetime. What’s Filming reported that a remake to the film The Bad Seed is currently in production until March 30th. As someone who has seen the original film, the idea of this movie getting a remake doesn’t sit well with me. Based on the movie’s description provided on the What’s Filming website, it seems like whoever is in charge of this project doesn’t truly understand what made The Bad Seed so memorable and such a classic in the first place. The original film had the guts to ask a question that had only had a simple debate in the 1950s: could children be born “bad” without any external influences? Because of the film’s success and power to stand the test of time, this same question is still being asked 62 years after the film’s release. Rhoda, the infamous nightmare-inducer, was a character that not only served as a shocking possibility to the aforementioned question, but was also a character that had never been featured in cinema before. Sadly, I feel that this remake from Lifetime will add nothing new to this decades old discussion and will be shocking just for the sake of it.


What do think about these pieces of movie news? Are you looking forward to any of these movies? Let me know in the comment section!


Have fun at the movies!

Sally Silverscreen


Link to the post about The Bad Seed on What’s Filming: http://www.whatsfilming.ca/2018/02/26/take-two-bad-seed-remake-filming-vancouver/

Link to the article on Southern Living: https://www.southernliving.com/culture/hallmark-channel-movies-shows-2018#winter-hallmark-channel-movies-shows-2018

Link to the What’s Filming “Upcoming” page: http://www.whatsfilming.ca/upcoming/ (If you visit this page after March 5th, “Dream On” will be moved to the “In Production” page for the areas of Vancouver and British Columbia)

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