Sunset Over Hope Valley: Jack Thornton finally comes home

My re-cap post for When Calls the Heart has finally arrived (just like Jack returning to Hope Valley)! I can honestly say that I’m glad Jack is back on the show. When Calls the Heart did not feel the same without him and it always felt like something was missing. There are other stories from this episode that sparked my interest as well. So let me jump right into talking about this latest episode!

Just a reminder: If you did not see this episode of When Calls the Heart, there may be spoilers within this re-cap.

When Calls the Heart Season 5 poster
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Season: 5

Episode: 3

Name: Home Is Where the Heart Is

Major Story:

  • Lee meets with Mr. Jenkins, the owner of a private bank, to talk about taking money out of the bank in order to make payroll. Mr. Jenkins tells him during the meeting that the money will be available later in the week because the bank was short on funds. Later, at the lumber mill, Lee tells his employees that they won’t get paid that day. Henry Gowan, after hearing the news at the mill, pays a visit to Abigail to share the troubling news. She tells him that she will talk to Mr. Jenkins about the town’s finances, even though Henry suggested to take the town’s funds out of the bank as soon as possible. The next day, Abigail catches Mr. Jenkins as soon as he’s about to leave Hope Valley. She asks him about what’s going on at the bank. He reveals that the bank has made some bad investments, but are trying to quickly get more money. Mr. Jenkins tells Abigail before he leaves that he hopes to get a loan from another bank and bring better news to Hope Valley. Toward the end of the episode, the majority of the town meets up at the local bank to figure out what’s going on, with Mr. Jenkins running into his private office.

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Minor stories:

  • Jack Thornton comes back to Hope Valley among a group of Mounties. When he visits Elizabeth’s class, he reveals that the conflict in the Northern Territories is resolved, causing him to return home. Jack avoids talking about the conflicts in battle whenever people ask him to talk about it. During his return, Jack decides to start building his and Elizabeth’s future home. At the lumber mill, when he’s purchasing the lumber to build his future house, Lee gives him a discount and refers to Jack as a “hero”. Jack insists that he’s not a “hero” and graciously accepts Lee’s offer. Several days after Jack’s return, Jack and Elizabeth make their wedding announcement official, with Abigail and Rosemary as Elizabeth’s maids of honor and Lee and Bill as Jack’s groomsmen.


  • After Elizabeth’s class receives a donation of a printing machine, Elizabeth introduces the class to the concepts of investigative journalism by starting a school newspaper. Hattie enthusiastically volunteers to be the editor, leading the class in the effort to find the right front-page story. After overhearing Florence and Katie Yost talk about the possibility of the lumber mill closing, Hattie tries to write about Florence and Katie’s conversation for the front-page of the school newspaper. When she sees a rough draft of the paper, Elizabeth tells Hattie how honest investigative journalism involves getting facts from more than one source, as well as first-hand eye-witness accounts. A few days later, Hattie sees another student, Harper, at Elizabeth’s desk. Thinking that he was cheating on a test, Hattie decides to write about the incident for the school paper. The next day, Elizabeth finds out that everyone in her class learned about Hattie’s story by reading the school paper. Because of that story, some students in the class have labeled Harper a “cheater”. When Elizabeth and Hattie talk about the situation before class, Elizabeth shares that Harper was really writing a thank you note, thanking Elizabeth for letting him borrow some study materials for an upcoming test. Later on in the episode, Hattie makes an apology to the class for putting the story in the paper. Hattie also apologized to Harper and they both agreed to make Harper the co-editor of the school paper.


  • Rosemary’s friend, Sofia, comes to Hope Valley to surprise Rosemary. On the day of her arrival, Sofia and Rosemary catch up on everything that has happened to them recently, with Sofia revealing that she has trouble finding a job, even though she has an official architecture license. Rosemary gives Sofia some positive encouragement to bring her spirits up. The next day, Rosemary, Lee, and Sofia go to Abigail’s Café for dinner. At the restaurant, Carson stops by to eat his pre-made dinner. Rosemary introduces Sofia to Carson and the two of them seem to get along. On the second day of Sofia’s trip, Carson and Sofia go on a picnic, where their friendship slowly but surely starts to develop. Later that day, when Sofia tells Rosemary about the picnic, Rosemary is pleased that Sofia is having a good time in Hope Valley.

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Some thoughts to consider:

  • Something that stood out to me in this episode was Jack’s unwillingness to talk about his recent experiences as a Mountie, as well as the irritation he seemed to express during the conversation between him and Lee at the lumber mill. This has led me to speculate that maybe Jack is dealing with some sort of trauma from his latest Mountie experiences, choosing to hide it instead of addressing it. This would not be the first time Hallmark has incorporated stories of military veterans dealing with trauma after their service; Cedar Cove, Chesapeake Shores, and Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Lost Without You have all contributed to the discussion of that issue.


  • Like I said in my review for Wedding March 3: Here Comes the Bride, I don’t understand why Hallmark is obsessed with the planning-a-wedding-in-an-unrealistic-time-period cliché. The fact the Jack and Elizabeth are planning their wedding in two weeks reminded me of when Lee and Rosemary were planning their wedding back in Season 3, which felt really rushed to me. I’m kind of disappointed that Jack and Elizabeth’s wedding isn’t made a bigger deal in context with the show. Jack and Elizabeth (the lead couple on the show) finally getting married is exciting, but sadly, it doesn’t feel like it. I honestly think that their wedding should have taken place during a When Calls the Heart Christmas movie. Both Christmas movies that correlated with the show earned strong ratings and Hallmark has made several Christmas themed wedding movies in the past. If Jack and Elizabeth received a Christmas themed wedding, it might have been easier for the creative team to bring the actors who portrayed Thatcher and Thornton family members back to the show, giving Hearties a first glance at the interaction involving both families. Also, a memorable story about the spirit of Christmas and the themes of family could have made for a well fleshed-out story.

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What are your thoughts about this episode? Are you excited about Jack and Elizabeth getting married? Please share your thoughts in the comment section!


Have fun in Hope Valley!

Sally Silverscreen

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