Sunset Over Hope Valley: Tea for More Than Two

Something I noticed about this episode of When Calls the Heart is how often beverages were referenced. Not only that, but there were scenes showing these characters consuming these beverages. From the way I saw it, those scenes served as a symbol for what the show itself is about. When Calls the Heart has a pace that is on the slower side. Consuming a beverage typically involves slowing down and taking the time to enjoy what you are drinking. Another thing I noticed is how these characters were consuming these beverages in company. This means they shared their beverage with someone else. Sometimes, watching a show is better with others. It’s also nice to have someone else to talk to when it comes to all things Hope Valley! Speaking of Hope Valley, let’s start this re-cap of When Calls the Heart!

Just a reminder: If you did not see this episode of When Calls the Heart, there will be spoilers within this re-cap.

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Season: 9

Episode: 10

Name: Never Say Never

Major stories:

Because of Lucas’ plan to foil Wyman, his innocence is uncertain to the residents of Hope Valley. Until hard evidence is brought forth, Bill places Lucas in jail. While in jail, Elizabeth gives Lucas a new pocket watch with the inscription “Our Time Has Come”. He says he has a birthday present for Elizabeth, which a small box is later revealed. At his office, Bill receives a call from a lawyer in Grandville. This lawyer is representing the man who hit Nathan and Newton with his vehicle. This man claims he not only planted the ledger books in Lucas’ office, he was driving away in order to not get caught. After this information is given, Bill gives Nathan a choice. The aforementioned lawyer presents an offer: let the man who hit Nathan and Newton go free in exchange for the ledger books. Nathan knows this offer will be difficult to accept. On the one hand, harming a Mountie is a serious offense. But those ledger books would be more than enough evidence to prove Lucas’ innocence. Nathan contemplates this decision throughout the episode, as he wonders if it’s right to forgive one wrong with another wrong. Eventually, Nathan accepts the offer from the Grandville lawyer. He even pays Elizabeth a visit with this news.

Jerome Smith returns to Hope Valley, in order to settle the petroleum plant deal. But this time, he has brought Arthur Gilchrist with him. While in Hope Valley, Arthur seems interested in both Fiona and the coal mines. He even carries these interests into the petroleum plant meeting. Lucas, now out of jail, attends this meeting as well. Even Henry dramatically shows up, after being out of town for a few episodes. The reason why Henry was out to town was so he could obtain evidence, from a man named Collin, that the coal mines are in no condition to reopen. In a private meeting with Jerome, Henry finds out it was Arthur’s idea to re-open the mines, as Jerome claims his only focus was the oil. Both Henry and Jerome agree to open the mines, unless there is something preventing them from doing so. Meanwhile, Rosemary plans to report on the mines re-opening. She feels the residents of Hope Valley have a right to know what is happening. But Elizabeth thinks the release of Rosemary’s article would smear Lucas’ reputation. Rosemary does publish her article about the mines, which, predictably, causes tension in Hope Valley. Florence is, understandably, so upset by this news, she slaps Henry in the face when she crosses paths with him in town. Fortunately, this news doesn’t destroy Rosemary and Elizabeth’s friendship, as Elizabeth apologizes for her hesitance over the article publication.

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Minor story:

At the start of the episode, Rosemary feels nauseous. Faith thinks Rosemary has caught a “stomach bug” that has apparently been going around Hope Valley. Instead of attending a meeting with Arthur Gilchrist about the Valley Voice, Rosemary takes it easy by drinking tea and resting. Later in the episode, Rosemary visits Faith again, unable to understand what is going on with her body. Faith then comes to the conclusion Rosemary might be pregnant. Not wanting the news to be “too good to be true”, Rosemary decides not to tell Lee just yet. Speaking of Lee, he visits Joseph at the café, apologizing for his interference with the Canfield’s loan. Joseph forgives Lee, stating how he wanted to get the loan himself.

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Some thoughts to consider:

  • Toward the beginning of this episode, Nathan has a conversation with Fiona about the petroleum plant deal. Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace (the actor and actress who portray Nathan and Fiona) not only had really nice on-screen chemistry, they also had strong banter! I’ve heard Kevin and Kayla don’t want their characters to end up in a relationship together, as they don’t want their real-life relationship to be affected by what their characters experience on the show. But, honestly, I wouldn’t oppose the idea of Fiona and Nathan forming a romantic relationship!
  • With how much beverages are referenced in this episode, I’m surprised Hallmark or a shop on Etsy hasn’t created teas inspired by When Calls the Heart. Some examples of possible teas are Gooey Butter Cake flavored tea representing the Canfield family, strawberry tea representing the ice cream parlor, and blueberry scone flavored tea representing the café. I can only speak for myself, but I would certainly consider purchasing When Calls the Heart inspired tea, especially if they were created with natural ingredients.
  • While I’m glad we finally received some answers over whether Rosemary and Lee will start their own family, it’s kind of frustrating how Rosemary’s news is not a confirmation. It’s also frustrating how we’re receiving this news toward the end of the season. I really hope Rosemary and Lee aren’t given a miscarriage story, as that would be cruel for both the Coulters and the fans.
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What are your thoughts on this episode? What you think Lucas will be Elizabeth for her birthday? Let me know in the comment section!

Have fun in Hope Valley!

Sally Silverscreen

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