2019: Looking Back and Planning Ahead

Happy New Year, everybody! I have a feeling 2019 is going to be a great year for 18 Cinema Lane! Last year, my blog was more successful than I ever imagined. This is because of all of you, my readers and followers, who have played an integral role in making 18 Cinema Lane so great. From liking my posts and leaving comments, these simple, small gestures have not only helped build my blog’s success, but have also helped 18 Cinema Lane’s future. Here are the stats from last year to see how many triumphs this blog has achieved:



Total blog posts: 132

Total followers: 52

(technically, I have 53 followers because I’m following my own blog)

Total Comments: 93

Total Likes: 248

Awards: 2

Participated Blogathons: 4

Total Movie Reviews: 61

Total Word on the Street stories: 34

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Now that we’ve reviewed some of the major successes that 18 Cinema Lane achieved in 2018, it’s time for me to talk about some of the things that are coming up in my blog’s near future. I wanted to share these exciting pieces of news with you so that you can know what to expect in the upcoming months of this new year. Each piece of news with be broken down into four separate categories. Since I’ve now gotten through all the necessary introductions, let’s start discussing what new things are taking place in 2019!



If you have ever looked at the section on my blog’s home-page titled “Blogathons I Will Be Participating In!”, then you would see I will be participating in three upcoming blogathons! These blogathons are Pop Culture Reverie and In The Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood’s Made in 1938 blogathon, The Wonderful World of Cinema and Phyllis Loves Classic Movies’ 90 Years of Jean Simmons blogathon, and Taking Up Room’s So Bad It’s Good blogathon. Later this year, I will even be hosting my own blogathon! I will share more details about my blogathon either in April or May, but I will share that it will be movie themed. If you want to see what other blogathons I will be participating in throughout the year, just look in the right-hand side of my blog’s home-page under the title “Blogathons I Will Be Participating In!”.


A New Folder Tab

Speaking of blogathons, I will be moving all of my blogathon posts to a new folder tab titled “My Blogathon Folder”. When I first started my blog, I thought that blogathons were exclusive, invitation-only events. Therefore, I didn’t expect to be participating in as many blogathons as I have. Since my list of blogathon posts is growing, I feel it is time to place these posts in their own special section.


A Special Movie Awards

Next month will be 18 Cinema Lane’s first anniversary! In honor of this special occasion, I have decided to host a special movie awards! To determine the winners, I will allow my readers and followers to vote on each category. More details for these movie awards will be announced later this month, but I will say that Hallmark will be the overall theme.


What the Code Means to Me

In June, I will be participating in Pure Entertainment Preservation Society’s “What the Code Means to Me” series! This series is created to showcase different people’s perspectives about the 1930 Motion Picture Production Code. I’m not sure what exactly I’ll be writing about, but stay tuned for this post to be published this summer! You can visit Pure Entertainment Preservation Society’s blog for more information about this code and this series.

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What are your thoughts about these announcements? What part of 2019 are you the most excited about? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!


Have fun at the movies!

Sally Silverscreen

2 thoughts on “2019: Looking Back and Planning Ahead

    1. Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for checking out and following my blog, Mda4life! That’s the great thing about blogathons, discovering new blogs and meeting new bloggers! I’m planning on hosting my own blogathon, so stay tuned for more details about that.


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