Word on the Street: Official trailers released for Disney Channel’s ‘Kim Possible’ and Hallmark Channel’s ‘When Calls the Heart’

While preparing to publish my Movie Blogger’s Christmas Wish-List, two more new movie trailers were released over the past two days. Because these trailers are for films or series that I have talked about before, I have decided to discuss these pieces of movie news first. My Movie Blogger’s Christmas Wish-List will be published sometime this coming week. As the title says, the trailers that were recently released are the ones for Disney Channel’s live-action movie, Kim Possible, and Hallmark Channel’s anticipated When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing. Similar to my Word on the Street post about the Avengers: Endgame trailer, I will be sharing my opinion on both of these trailers. Without further delay, let’s start talking about these pieces of movie news!

Christmas Party Ticket Card Template
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Ever since I started 18 Cinema Lane, I have been writing about movie news relating to the upcoming Kim Possible movie. In fact, my very first Word on the Street post was about the official announcement for the Kim Possible film. Yesterday, Disney Channel released the trailer for this movie, giving their audience a glimpse into the adventure our titular hero will soon embark on. After having seen this trailer, I thought it was, at best, fine. However, there were two things about it that stood out to me. The first is how funky the special effects looked. The first time I ever talked about this movie on my blog, I shared how disappointed I was that Kim Possible wasn’t a theatrical film. After looking at the trailer’s special effects, I kind of wished that this movie had been released in theaters. While the special effects don’t look bad, it looks somewhat distracting. The second thing that stood out to me is how this trailer relied too much on showing scenes just for the sake of showing them. These scenes did not help tell their respective audience what the movie is about. As someone who is familiar with the Kim Possible series, I have an idea of what this film’s premise will be. But for people who are not familiar with Kim Possible, they might be confused by what is going on within that trailer. For me, the Kim Possible trailer did not heighten my expectations for the film. However, I still plan on watching this film with an open mind. Along with the trailer, it was announced that the release date for the Kim Possible movie will be February 15th. Because this date is around the same time when I first started talking about Kim Possible on my blog, it almost feels like this movie news subject is coming full circle.

Kim Possible A Sitch in Time poster
Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time poster created by The Walt Disney Company and Disney Channel © Disney•Pixar. All rights reserved. Disney XD© Disney Enterprises, Inc. Image found at http://movies.disney.com/kim-possible-a-sitch-in-time

One of the shows that I re-cap on 18 Cinema Lane is When Calls the Heart. Ever since it was first announced, I have been looking forward to the upcoming Christmas movie, When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing. Recently, Hallmark Channel released a trailer for this movie and, honestly, I thought it was just fine. To me, I think this trailer put too much emphasis on Elizabeth and her baby. While this is an important event within this film, it is not the movie’s main focus. According to the film’s synopsis, the story is about a group of orphans getting stranded in Hope Valley. This trailer not only doesn’t feature any of the orphans, it also doesn’t acknowledge this story-line. Another thing I noticed about this trailer is how almost every character, except Elizabeth, gets a “don’t blink or you’ll miss them” moment. Because there are a lot of people within this movie’s cast, it was inevitable that some cast members were going to have more screen-time than others. However, this trailer makes the movie feel like it will be “The Elizabeth Thornton Show” with all the other characters being presented as extras. This kind of concerns me because When Calls the Heart isn’t a show that focuses on just one person. It is about an entire town and the community that inhabits it. Like the Kim Possible trailer, the trailer for When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing did not heighten my expectations for the film. However, I still plan on watching this movie and, hopefully, reviewing in on 18 Cinema Lane.

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Have you seen these trailers? Are you looking forward to any of these films? Please tell me in the comment section!


Have fun at the movies!

Sally Silverscreen

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2 thoughts on “Word on the Street: Official trailers released for Disney Channel’s ‘Kim Possible’ and Hallmark Channel’s ‘When Calls the Heart’

    1. Thanks for reading my post, K! For the Kim Possible movie, I have kept my expectations low ever since I found out it would be a Disney Channel movie. But, who knows? I did enjoy the 2016 remake of Adventures in Babysitting more than I thought I would. So, maybe this Kim Possible movie could end up surprising me. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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