Take 3: Logan Lucky Review (Year of the Dog Double Feature Part 1)

Often Off Topic’s Dog Day Blogathon is the first blogathon I have ever participated in! Because this particular blogathon’s theme is dogs and film, I wanted to make a contribution that was unique and creative. So, I decided to write a double feature movie review that correlated with the Year of the Dog. When I was thinking about which two movies to write about, my favorite MCU superhero, Bucky Barnes, came to mind. The actor who portrays Bucky, Sebastian Stan, was born in 1982, which was the Year of the Dog. Also, Sebastian’s birthday falls in August, the same month that National Dog Day happens to fall in. With those facts in mind, I chose to review Logan Lucky for the first part of this double feature movie review. I had not seen this film prior to reviewing it, but I do remember when it was being advertised. After seeing Logan Lucky achieve a 92 to 93 percent on Rotten Tomatos, I watched the film with an open mind and low expectations. Did I like this movie? Cruise through my review to find out!

Logan Lucky poster
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Things I liked about the film:

The acting: I thought the cast in Logan Lucky was good. Daniel Craig’s performance was the most impressive, as he disappeared into his role to bring a character to life that stood out from the rest. Accents in a movie can be hit or miss, but all the actors, in this film, portraying a character with an accent really pulled it off in a way that added believable to their characters!

Connectivity of the characters: At the beginning of this film, there were several characters that were introduced. This brought up questions of who these characters were and what their significance to each other was. As the film goes on, the connections between these characters and the impact of their interactions was interesting to watch. It reminded me, a little bit, of The Christmas Hope.
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What I didn’t like about the film:

A very slow pace: Despite the fact that Logan Lucky is a heist film, the pace of this movie was rather slow. This not only made the film feel boring, it made the plot feel more drawn out that it might have been intended.

Disconnection of the plots: There are about four plots featured in Logan Lucky. But, the connection between the subplots and the main plot (the heist itself and preparation surrounding it) was absent. Because of this disconnection, the three subplots felt so separate from the main story, that their placement in the film didn’t really feel significant.  One of these subplots made me question why it was featured in the film at all.

The under-utilization of Sebastian Stan: As I mentioned in this review’s introduction, Sebastian’s involvement in this movie was one of the reasons why I chose to review Logan Lucky for my Year of the Dog double feature. However, out of all the actors that were cast in this film, Sebastian was the most under-utilized. His character, Dayton White, felt like he was featured in the film just for the sake of it. Dayton’s subplot was not only weak, it also had no connection to the main plot whatsoever. When I first learned that Sebastian had been cast in Logan Lucky and what role he would be portraying, I had speculated that Dayton could be a long-lost relative of the Logan family and the Logan family kidnapped him in an attempt to receive more money. Sadly, my aforementioned speculation sounds a lot more interesting than the subplot Dayton was given in this film.

Loads of exposition: On 18 Cinema Lane, I’ve mentioned before that exposition is an important component to any story. But, there is such a thing as having too much exposition. In Logan Lucky, there was about 40 minutes of it. This made the first quarter of the film feel like it dragged.


No excitement: In almost every heist or action film, there is a certain amount of excitement that keeps the audience invested in the movie. Whether it is adrenaline or an intriguing concept, these things help viewers stay on the edge of their seat as they watch everything unfold onscreen. Logan Lucky, unfortunately, had none of those aforementioned things. Even when the actual heist was taking place, the movie felt very dull. The lack of excitement in this film contributed to the movie feeling boring.

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My overall impression:

Logan Lucky was so bad, I couldn’t finish watching the movie (even though I had 30 minutes left of run-time). This is, honestly, the worst and most boring heist film I’ve ever seen. But, as I was watching this movie, I could see that Sebastian was trying the best he could with the limited amount of acting material he was given. Even though Logan Lucky was a dud, I’m still looking forward to seeing which movies, outside of the MCU, Sebastian chooses to appear in. If I come across a film starring Sebastian Stan that, to me, sounds interesting, I will definitely check it out! If you are a Bucky fan like myself and appreciate Sebastian’s acting abilities as well what he brings, talent wise, to the MCU, please do yourself a favor and don’t watch Logan Lucky. Even if I haven’t seen some of them and don’t know, exactly, which ones they are, I have a good feeling there are movies out there starring Sebastian Stan that are better than Logan Lucky, whether or not the film is MCU affiliated.


Overall score: 4.7 out of 10


Have you seen Logan Lucky? What is your favorite movie that Sebastian Stan has starred in? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


Have fun at the movies!

Sally Silverscreen

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