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It seems like this episode of Chesapeake Shores focused a lot on the various relationships of the characters. While the plots this time around didn’t carry the show as strongly as they did in the previous episode, this episode never felt like a “filler” episode. Instead, it felt like an important stepping stone in the lives of Trace and the O’Brien family. Because there are so many characters on Chesapeake Shores, it helps that everyone gets a story and their own set of situations that are unique from each other. This makes the show interesting and provides layers of depth for the overall story. Speaking of these layers, let’s explore them now in this re-cap of Chesapeake Shores’ second episode within their third season!

Just a reminder: If you did not see this episode of Chesapeake Shores, there may be spoilers within this re-cap.

Chespeake Shores Season 3 poster
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Season: 3

Episode: 2

Name: The Way We Were


Trace’s story: During this episode, Trace is packing away items from his past and putting them in a storage area within The Bridge. To add to that collection of mementos, Trace’s father visits The Bridge to bring his son a box of baseball cards that Trace used to collect. They reminisce about old memories, as well as how life would have been different if Trace’s ambitions in baseball would have continued. Also, in this episode, Trace is making repairs to The Bridge. During his time there, Donovan shows up to encourage Trace to join him at an upcoming concert. Though tempted, Trace chooses to stay in Chesapeake Shores and uphold his promise to Abby. Toward the end of this episode, Abby reveals that she found a letter within his box of belongings, a letter that she wrote and sent to Trace many years ago. Trace shares with Abby that he didn’t bother reading the letter because he felt it wouldn’t have changed what happened to him and Abby in the past. During a fireside date between him and Abby, Trace decides to throw the letter into his fireplace and move forward with his life.


Abby’s story: At the beginning of this episode, Abby helps Trace pack away his belongings and prepare them for storage inside The Bridge. While looking through one of the boxes, Abby finds a letter that she wrote and sent to Trace before she and Wes got married. Throughout this episode, Abby contemplates what should be done about the letter, even asking Kevin for advice. She even thinks about how life would have been different if she hadn’t left Chesapeake Shores. On a date between her and Trace, Abby tells Trace about the letter she found and asks him why he never read it. Abby finds out that Trace never read the letter because he feels it wouldn’t have made any difference. When Trace decides to throw the letter into his fireplace, Abby is shocked at first, but respectfully accepts his decision.


Mick’s story: Mick travels to Connecticut to see the boat he has inherited in person. During his time there, he receives a note that helps remind him of the important things in life. When Mick returns home to Chesapeake Shores, he crosses paths with Thomas and his wife, Robin. Mick learns that not only does Thomas disagree with the way Mick has been treating Connor, but that Thomas and Robin are planning to renew their wedding vows in Bali. Thomas disagrees with Mick again when Mick questions the strength of Thomas and Robin’s marriage. Toward the end of this episode, Mick starts repairing the boat and gets a visit from Thomas. Even though he is still upset at Mick, Thomas chooses to spend time with his brother. The episode ends with Mick and Thomas sharing memories together of when they would go on boat rides with their father.


Megan’s story: In this episode, Megan meets up with Thomas and his wife, Robin. During lunch at Sally’s Café, Megan and Mick learn that Thomas and Robin plan to renew their wedding vows in Bali. When Mick and Thomas leave the table, Robin catches up with Megan and asks her why she returned to Chesapeake Shores. Megan reveals that she came home for the sake of her children. Megan, throughout this episode, tries to encourage Nell to visit Robin and tell her hello. Nell refuses and believes that Robin is unhappy.

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Bree’s story: Bree travels to Baltimore because one of her stories has been adapted into a stage play. When she arrives at the theater, Bree discovers that Simon has come back to Baltimore on a book tour. He happens to be at the theater on the same day and at the same time as her, so they both decide to catch up for a little bit. After the play, Simon expresses his love for the play and apologizes to Bree for the fall out in their relationship. They both agree to go on a date at her bookstore, Word Play, in the very near future. Later, Bree asks Connor and Jess for dating advice. The remainder of Bree’s story is about her date with Simon, as well as both of them agreeing to give their relationship a second chance.


Jess’ story: Jess is still upset at Bree and she still misses David. In this episode, she turns to Connor for a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. Jess also takes the time to give Bree dating advice when she comes to her and Connor for help. Toward the end of the episode, Jess receives a letter from David, where he explains that he was on vacation and couldn’t receive a signal at his location. Jess visits Bree at her bookstore and tells her that David invited Jess to meet his family. Even though she is upset at Bree, Jess asks Bree to come meet David’s family with her so she wouldn’t feel alone. Jess’ story ends with Bree accepting Jess’ invitation.


Kevin’s story: As he drops Bree off at a local theater in Baltimore, Kevin notices Danielle, in the distance, hanging out with another guy. Thinking about what he saw, Kevin starts to wonder if Danielle is cheating on Connor. During a double date with Connor, Danielle, Sarah, and himself, Kevin is troubled by a statement Danielle made about her work schedule. He feels that Danielle knows more than she’s willing to let on. Later in the episode, Kevin tells Connor about what he saw and shares his best intentions to protect Connor. Connor takes Kevin’s best intentions the wrong way, thus creating a rift between the brothers. Kevin confesses to Sarah that he feels bad about upsetting Connor, but Sarah reminds him that doing the right thing is not always easy.


Connor’s story: Connor is still upset at his father. At the beginning of the episode, he stays at the Inn until he can find a place of his own. He not only provides a listening ear to Jess, he also helps Bree when she needs dating advice. After the double date with Sarah, Kevin, Danielle, and himself, Kevin tells Connor that he thinks Danielle is cheating on Connor. Connor is upset at Kevin for thinking the worst of Danielle, causing the brothers to have a disagreement. After Connor signs the final papers for his new apartment, he calls Danielle with the good news. When Danielle tells him twice that she can’t meet up with him for dinner, Connor starts to suspect that there might be some truth to what Kevin told him.

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Some thoughts to consider:

  • I wonder if the note that Mick was given at the beginning of this episode will have an affect on the rest of the characters throughout this season? It seems like, sooner or later, everyone in the O’Brien family, including Trace, with have their moment to figure out what’s important in their life. Will Mick’s note be physically seen by anyone else besides Mick or will Mick share the wisdom of the note with those around him?


  • I’m curious about why Nell thinks Robin is unhappy. No specifics are given in this episode, but I wonder if Nell will reveal her reasons in a later episode? Speaking of reveals, I also wonder why Megan left the O’Brien family in the first place? Megan’s reason(s) have never been revealed (so far) and I don’t know if her reasons were ever brought up in the books that are based on this show.


  • If Connor and Danielle break up, I wonder if the writers of Chesapeake Shores will give Connor a new love interest on the show? If they do, will this new character be introduced in Season 3 or in a future season? In the preview for the next episode, Danielle hesitated when Connor asked her if she was seeing anyone else. But, that video clip in the preview could have taken out of context.
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What did you think about this episode? What’s your favorite relationship on Chesapeake Shores? Let me know in the comment section!


Have fun in Chesapeake Shores!

Sally Silverscreen

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