Word on the Street: Nickelodeon’s “Rugrats” heading back to the big screen; Hallmark’s “All of My Heart 3” currently in production

For my first Word on the Street story this month, I wanted to share two pieces of movie news that not only could spark feelings of nostalgia, but also talk about two franchises that each have a respective fanbase. One of Nickelodeon’s most beloved television series, Rugrats, has, recently, returned to the spotlight. This latest decision has caused many people to voice their thoughts and opinions on the internet. Meanwhile, Hallmark has plans to release a third movie in the All of My Heart series, resulting in a lot of positive responses from their fans. I will elaborate on both of these stories, as well as share my thoughts on each topic. So, start up the Reptar Wagon and return to the Inn, it’s time to talk about some upcoming movies!

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In a video on the official Youtube channel, ColliderVideos, Jeff Sneider and Christian Ruvalcaba, Collider News correspondents, reported on the Rugrats related creative decision made by both Viacom and Paramount. The two media companies announced that the 27-year-old show would not only be receiving a new 26-episode television series on Nickelodeon, but that a live-action movie was on the way! Very few details have been released about both projects. However, both Jeff and Christian mentioned that the original creators of Rugrats, Arlene Klasky, Gábor Csupó and Paul Germain, are coming back to this new TV series as executive producers. Jeff and Christian also said that David Goodman will write the film’s script and the movie itself will premiere sometime in November of 2020. As someone who was watched both Rugrats and All Grown Up!, the idea of one of my favorite Nickelodeon shows returning to the cinematic coliseum, as well as the television world, is very exciting! Like I said about the upcoming live-action Kim Possible movie, I do have my concerns about the possible alienation of the original show’s fans. I’m also a little bit skeptical of the film’s definition of “live-action”. Will the cast of the movie bring the animated characters to life (similar to Disney’s live-action remakes) or will the film consist of live-action actors co-existing in a world alongside the animated characters? While it’s way too early for either of those questions to be answered, let’s celebrate the Rugrats’ triumphant return to pop culture!

If you want to watch the video that I referenced in this post, you can either visit the ColliderVideos Youtube channel or type “Rugrats Movie & New TV Series in the Works” into Youtube’s search bar.

Rugrats movie poster
The Rugrats Movie poster created by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies. Image found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:TheRugratsMovieposter.jpg

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you would find excited tweets from All of My Heart fans expressing their feelings about the third installment in the series! On the website, What’s Filming, All of My Heart 3 was listed on Vancouver and British Columbia’s “In Production” page. The upcoming Hallmark movie started production yesterday (on the 21st) and will finish filming on August 17th. Right now, Hallmark has not released an official synopsis for the film and Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliot are the only two cast members officially attached to the project. The first All of My Heart film caught me by surprise, as I thoroughly enjoyed the film more than I thought I would! I was one of the many fans who was a part of the movement to help All of My Heart get a sequel. When Hallmark finally granted our wish, I couldn’t have been more excited to see how the story would unfold. Unfortunately, All of My Heart: Inn Love was, to me, very disappointing. Because of how this sequel made me feel, my expectations for this third movie will be lower than for the sequel. But, who knows? Maybe All of My Heart 3 will catch me surprise like the first movie did and surpass my expectations!

Link to What’s Filming’s “In Production” page for the Vancouver and British Columbia area: http://www.whatsfilming.ca/inproduction/ (if you visit this page after August 17th, All of My Heart 3 will be taken off the list)

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What you think about these pieces of movie news? Are you looking forward to any of these upcoming projects? Let me know in the comment section!


Have fun at the movies!

Sally Silverscreen

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