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Because the Gold Sally Awards experienced technical difficulties when it came to the voting polls, I’ve decided to post two impromptu polls so the issue can be resolved for next year’s awards. These polls will be available from today, the 5th, to next week, on the 12th. If you come across any technical problems with the polls, please let me know. As a helpful tip, if you can’t vote on my blog, each poll features a link above them where you can vote.

In 2019, which Hallmark movie, out of the ones I’ve reviewed, has been your favorite?
Easter Under Wraps
Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: A Very Foul Play
Hallmark Hall of Fame’s Love Takes Flight
The Story of Us
Winter Castle
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Out of the movies I’ve reviewed in 2019, which one is your favorite?
Swept from the Sea
Avengers: Endgame
Kubo and the Two Strings
Ben-Hur (1959)
Return to Oz
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Have fun at the movies!

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Announcing my new blogathon called ‘Siskel and Ebert at the Blogathon’!

One day, while I was on the internet, I came across some episodes of Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert’s show, At the Movies, on Youtube. As I was watching these episodes, I wondered why there wasn’t a show like this on television anymore. But, when I asked this question, I realized that there kind of is. Though not on television, I can think of several channels on Youtube dedicated to talking about film. There’s also lots of blogs related to movie criticism, especially on WordPress. As a movie blogger myself, I know that the growth of the movie review community might not have been possible without Siskel and Ebert. So, in honor of the Grandfathers of Movie Criticism, I have decided to dedicate my very first blogathon to them! Siskel and Ebert at the Blogathon will take place from September 20th to the 24th. If you would like to participate, you can sign up in one of the following categories:

Siskel and Ebert Profile banner

A. Siskel and Ebert Themselves – This category is for blog entries about Gene Siskel and/or Roger Ebert. Articles about their life, legacy, or career are most certainly welcome. If Siskel and/or Ebert have written any books, editorials, or articles, blog entries about that can be submitted to this category. If you do write an entry for this specific category, all I ask is that you please be respectful when writing about Siskel and/or Ebert. If your post is about how you disagree with their opinion, that’s fine. But please don’t be disrespectful or negative toward anybody.


B. Movies that Siskel and/or Ebert have reviewed or talked about: This category is pretty straight forward. Any movie that Siskel and/or Ebert have reviewed/talked about or that was covered on any of their shows is fair game. To find out which movies would be allowed for this category, you can find episodes of At the Movies on Youtube or search “At the Movies” or “Sneak Previews” on IMDB and look through the listed episodes section.


C. The Show Itself: For this category, you can write about anything related to Siskel and Ebert’s shows. Do you have a favorite episode of Sneak Previews or any version of At the Movies? Share it in your post! Was there a particular host that you were fond of? Feel free to talk about them in your article! Did the show play an important role in your life? Tell your story on your blog! Other topics that would be allowed in this category are trivia about the show, specific segments, and the show’s history, just to name to few.


D. Something movie related that has to do with Chicago: Because Siskel and Ebert were film critics in Chicago, this category is a creative way to honor the Grandfathers of Movie Criticism. For this category, you can talk about movies that either take place or were filmed in Chicago. You may also write about film festivals or movie related events that have been hosted in the Windy City. If you’ve had a movie-going experience in the city of Chicago, feel free to share your story!


The Official Blogathon Rules

  1. As I’ve already mentioned, please be respectful not only when writing about Siskel and Ebert, but also to other bloggers.
  2. If you plan on publishing your post(s) earlier or later than the allotted time-frame (September 20th to the 24th), please let me know in advance.
  3. Only new posts will be allowed for this blogathon.
  4. Three participants at a time are allowed to write about a singular topic. For example, if four people wanted to talk about Roger Ebert’s book, I Hated, Hated, Hated This Movie, only the first three participants would be able to write about the book.
  5. Each participant is allowed to publish a maximum of three entries.
  6. All entries must be original work.
  7. If your interested in participating, please share your idea(s) in the comment section below.
  8. Creativity is encouraged.
  9. Pick one of the five banners and spread the word about Siskel and Ebert at the Blogathon!
Siskel and Ebert Profile banner
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Siskel and Ebert Movie Theater banner
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Siskel and Ebert At the Movies banner
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The List of Participants

Category A

Sally from 18 Cinema Lane – (Editorial) Roger Ebert’s Movie Yearbooks: How Relevant are they Anyway?

Ruth from Silver Screenings — (Review) Roger Ebert’s book, The Great Movies

Edirin from Retro Movie Buff — (Editorial) Roger Ebert’s book, Your Movie Sucks

UpOnTheShelf from The Movie Shelf Reviews — (Discussion piece) Siskel and Ebert’s appearance on “The Critic”

Category B

Le from Critica Retro — (Review) Z (1969)

Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews — (Review) Prizzi’s Honor (1985)

J-Dub from Dubsism — (Review) Casino (1995)

Quiggy from The Midnite Drive-In — (Review) The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Rebecca from Taking Up Room — (Review) Straight Talk (1992)

Tiffany and Rebekah from Pure Entertainment Preservation Society — (Review) A Star is Born (1954)

Category D

Rob from MovieRob — (Review) About Last Night… (1986), Opportunity Knocks (1990), and Rookie of the Year (1993)


Have fun at the Blogathon!

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Take 3: Love, of Course Review

Since both of my reviews from this year’s “Fall Harvest” line-up have been pretty well-liked and since I don’t know if I’ll review any movies before my Halloween double feature, I decided to review Love, of Course. Like a lot of the movies I talk about on 18 Cinema Lane, I had low expectations for this film. While I’d seen Cameron Mathison and Mackenzie Vega perform in at least one Hallmark movie before, I had never seen any of Kelly Rutherford or Gabby Douglas’ acting performances. Also, the story of a parent spending time with their children at college is not new for Hallmark, as A Lesson in Romance was released four years prior to Love, of Course. However, I wanted to watch this film with an open mind, hoping that, at least, some creativity was incorporated into this story. Was Love, of Course the surprise waiting at the end of the corn maze? Let’s take the trip through this review to find out!

Love, of Course poster
Love, of Course poster created by Crown Media Family Networks and Hallmark Channel. Image found at

Things I liked about the film:

The acting: The entire cast of this movie was great! Everyone brought their A game to their specific roles, with all of the performances appearing natural and believable. The talents of the actors complimented each other, making the film even more enjoyable. Before watching Love, of Course, I was impressed by Mackenzie Vega’s performance in Hallmark Hall of Fame’s The Beach House. Mackenzie’s portrayal of Cara was great in this film as well! I hope Mackenzie can appear in more Hallmark movies in the future.


The on-screen chemistry: Kelly Rutherford and Cameron Mathison gave a great performance individually and as a pair. One thing that added to the portrayal of their characters was their on-screen chemistry. Amy and Noah’s relationship came across very convincingly. It also looked and felt like their relationship was developing over the course of the film. Watching Amy and Noah’s interactions was definitely one of the highlights of this film!


The fall and harvest themes: I thought the fall theme was incorporated really well in Love, of Course! There was a lot of fall related things in the movie; from the idea of someone going back to school to the desserts that Amy makes for the people around her. I also liked how this story focused on the theme of harvest. Farmer’s markets have been featured in Hallmark movies before. However, Love, of Course showed the process of how a farmer’s market participant prepares to sell their product at a farmer’s market. I found this aspect of the film very informative and interesting!

Corn field image created by Rene Cerney at “ Cerney.”

What I didn’t like about the film:

The under-utilization of Gabby Douglas: Even though Gabby doesn’t have as much acting experience as some of the other cast members in this film, I was disappointed by how little screen time she was given. Gabby is not only one of the top billed actresses in the film, she is also featured on the film’s poster. While watching this film, I noticed that Gabby was present in the movie for about five minutes or less.

Fresh Tasty Red Apples in Wooden Basket on Green Grass
Red apples in basket photo created by Valeria_aksakova at <a href=’’>Designed by Valeria_aksakova</a>. <a href=””>Background image created by Valeria_aksakova –</a>. Image found at

My overall impression:

I’ve seen the majority of Hallmark’s 2018 “Fall Harvest” movies. Out of all those films, Love, of Course is the best one from this line-up! Outside of the Christmas season, the “Fall Harvest” line-up has been the strongest on Hallmark Channel! In fact, I think this year’s “Fall Harvest” line-up was better than last year’s. Even though Love, of Course had some elements that are usually found in Hallmark movies, there were also aspects within the film that were creative and interesting. It was also nice to see that the cast was made up of familiar faces (Mackenzie Vega from The Beach House) and new members of the Hallmark community (Kelly Rutherford). I’m hoping that these familiar faces can continue to work and thrive in the Hallmark community and that today’s new members can be the familiar faces of tomorrow.


Overall score: 8.3 out of 10


What are your thoughts on this year’s “Fall Harvest” line-up? Which movie has been your favorite? Let me know in the comment section!


Have fun at the movies!

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Take 3: Falling for You Review

With my Truly, Madly, Sweetly review receiving 3 likes and 9 views, I thought I’d continue to keep the interest in “Fall Harvest” alive by reviewing Falling for You! As a Warehouse 13 fan, I was so excited to see Tyler Hynes join the Hallmark family (in case you don’t know, Tyler portrayed Claudia’s brother, Joshua, on the show). Because of Tyler’s appearance in Falling for You, I decided to watch this movie with an open mind and review it on 18 Cinema Lane. This is the third Hallmark movie of Taylor Cole’s that I’ve seen. While I was not a fan of One Winter Weekend, I did enjoy My Summer Prince. Falling for You caught my attention because this is the second Hallmark movie to feature radio within the film’s main plot. This incorporation of story elements that haven’t been told in a while increased my interest in the film. Did I “fall” in love in Falling for You? Keep reading to find out!

Falling for You poster
Falling for You poster created by Crown Media Family Networks and Hallmark Channel. Image found at

Things I liked about the film:

  • The incorporation of the fall theme: In my review of Truly, Madly, Sweetly, I talked about how the fall theme had a minimal presence in the film. Falling for You, however, was filled with almost all things fall related! While there were lots of fall themed decorations featured in and around various Pleasant Valley buildings, there was also fall themed activities, such as apple-picking, and even Lacey encouraging Zac to incorporate fall-esque flavors into his Bake-Off recipe, like cinnamon and pumpkin. These touches and details made Falling for You truly feel like a “Fall Harvest” film!


  • The humor: Falling for You’s humor was light-hearted and good spirited, keeping in line with the humor that’s typically found on Hallmark Channel. There were some moments in this movie that were laugh-out-loud funny. However, the best line in this movie was when Pete, the owner of the apple orchard, responds to Lacey’s question about how he injured his arm by saying, “It was Fall and I fell”.


  • The protagonists’ views on technology and radio: When Zac is being interviewed in preparation for the Bachelor Bake-Off, he revealed that he created his new budget app in order to help people become more technologically literate. At the apple orchard, Lacey shares with Zac that she feels radio is all about helping people connect with their community. Zac’s views on technology and Lacey’s views on radio brought a new perspective to two things that affect most people’s lives. I can only speak for myself, but these views made me think about technology and radio in a different way.
Fresh Tasty Red Apples in Wooden Basket on Green Grass
Red apples in basket photo created by Valeria_aksakova at <a href=’’>Designed by Valeria_aksakova</a>. <a href=””>Background image created by Valeria_aksakova –</a>. Image found at

What I didn’t like about the film:

  • Lack of on-screen chemistry: While Taylor Cole and Tyler Hynes gave a fine performance in Falling for You, I was never given the impression they had on-screen chemistry. While it looked like Lacey and Zac got along well (for the most part), the build-up to their romantic relationship wasn’t as present as it could have been.


  • A prolonged presence of the Bake-Off: In Falling for You, the Bachelor Bake-Off was the most talked about event. In fact, there was so much talk surrounding this event that I was starting to question whether or not this Bake-Off would happen. While this event did make a presence in the movie, the Bake-Off only appeared during the last ten minutes of the film. Even when the Bake-Off was taking place, the entire coverage of the event felt very rushed.


  • A slow pace: The overall pace of Falling for You was slow. This made the film feel longer than the typical Hallmark Channel movie. What didn’t help was how drawn out some parts of the film seemed to be. For example, the planning process surrounding the Bake-Off was given a lot more screen time than the Bake-Off itself. This took away from the excitement of seeing this event come to life.
Baking essentials image created by Olga_spb at <a href=’’>Designed by Olga_spb</a>. <a href=””>Background vector created by Olga_spb –</a>. Image found at

My overall impression:

Falling for You is, at best, ok. While I don’t think it’s as good as Truly, Madly, Sweetly, it’s a much better film than Yes, I Do and Falling for Vermont. Even though Falling for You has its flaws, there are good things that can be found within this film. As I mentioned earlier, Taylor Cole and Tyler Hynes gave a fine performance in the movie. However, I think their performances could have been stronger. While it’s unknown if Taylor will star in any Hallmark Christmas movies this year, Tyler will make his Hallmark Christmas movie debut in It’s Christmas, Eve. Based on the film’s synopsis, it sounds like the movie will be a little more dramatic than Falling for You. I’m hoping that Tyler can pull off a good performance in that movie so he can appear in many more Hallmark movies to come.


Overall score: 6.6-6.7 out of 10


What are your thoughts on “Fall Harvest” so far? Are you looking forward to It’s Christmas, Eve? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


Have fun at the movies!

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