The Conclusion to my PB & J Double Feature

It has been a week since I reviewed The Last Full Measure and The Boy Who Could Fly. This has given me enough time to reflect on these films as well as the PB & J patch’s influence over them. Throughout this double feature, I attempted to explore the ideas associated with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. One of these ideas was how one person, object, or event can affect the lives of others. That is why I chose to review The Last Full Measure and The Boy Who Could Fly. After watching these movies, I realize they share more similarities than I first noticed. The importance of communication is one of them. In The Last Full Measure, the stories from the veterans help Scott Huffman complete his case file in order to help William get his Medal of Honor. Even though Eric is non-verbal for the majority of The Boy Who Could Fly, Milly encourages him to communicate so he can make his wishes known to others. Another similarity is how each story is from the distant past. Most of The Last Full Measure takes place in 1999, while The Boy Who Could Fly is set in the ‘80s.

This is a screenshot I took of the patch from Mad About Fun Patches. I also provided credit to the people who created the patch. Screenshot taken by me, Sally Silverscreen.

As I said in the introduction, I came up with the idea for this double feature after stumbling upon a patch on the website, Mad About Fun Patches. Before watching The Last Full Measure and The Boy Who Could Fly, I thought the PB & J patch itself would play a larger role in my reviews, influencing the way I saw these movies. However, the films themselves were able to stand on their own. They really didn’t need this patch to bring them together for a double feature. It would be interesting to try this experiment again with a different patch. But that won’t happen for a while. As for the films, I ended up liking The Boy Who Could Fly more than The Last Full Measure. The way the movie aged well was something I was not expecting. In fact, there were parts of The Boy Who Could Fly that felt ahead of its time. These are just two of the reasons why I have given the movie a score of 8.6. Like I said in my review for The Last Full Measure, I think this story would have worked better as a documentary. This is because the veterans’ stories were the most interesting part of the movie. With that, I gave the film a 7.3.

Have fun at the movies!
Sally Silverscreen

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