The moment you’ve all been waiting for; The Gold Sally Award’s Star of the Year Award!

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Last year, I introduced the Hallmark Star of the Year Award. This part of the Gold Sally Awards gave my readers, followers, and visitors the opportunity to nominee someone with the Hallmark community. Out of those nominees, I chose one recipient to receive this honor. This year, I’m bringing this award back with two major changes. The nominees will no longer be limited to people associated with Hallmark. You can also nominate movie critics, movie bloggers, and movie related Youtubers. Other than that, the guidelines are still the same as the previous year. If you would like to learn more about those guidelines, you can visit the link to the previous year’s post here:


Announcing the Gold Sally Awards’ Hallmark Star of the Year!


For this category, I’ll extend the deadline to Thursday, April 30th. Like last year, you can place your nomination in the comment section of this post.


Have fun voting!

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11 thoughts on “The moment you’ve all been waiting for; The Gold Sally Award’s Star of the Year Award!

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  3. I nominate the Hallmark Channel’s Official Podcast–the Bubbly Sesh. I feel they are worthy of this honor of the Gold Sally Award for the following reasons.

    Jacks & Shawl created their podcast on their own and as they worked to hone their style, Hallmark officially brought them on last year. In truth, they are living the dream. Even though they are employed by Hallmark, it doesn’t mean that they teceive the recognition they deserve. They often work insane hours and while they are often promoted by Hallmark, even a year later, they sometimes get lost in the sea of unofficial Hallmark podcasts (who use Hallmark in their title, sometimes to gain more subscribers and attention). These ladies have sworn their allegiance to Hallmark long before being officially employed by Hallmark. They are positive, energetic and fun. They work hard to interact with the Hallmark community and they regularly make themselves available to the viewers. They consistently strive to improve their podcast and are not above implementing fan suggestions. They support the Hallmark initiative of Adoption Ever After by bringing attention to animal shelters and encouraging the community to “adopt don’t shop.” They even appeared in their first Hallmark movie ever last year (Love, Fall & Order). They interview Hallmark stars and they do regular recaps of the movies and the shows that appear on the network. I had the honor of meeting them officially this past December and if anyone wonders about their authenticity, I can totally attest to it. In this world where “everyone” seems to be starting a podcast, the Bubbly Sesh is the very essence of what you want in a Hallmark personality and then some.

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  4. I nominate Ami Tricker for her blog She shares her experience with various health issues and has brought together a community to share their thoughts and experiences as well. She’s a wonderful woman and totally deserving of this nomination.

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  6. I really like the other ideas that have been mentioned so far! I would like to nominate actress Autumn Reeser. She’s been on the Hallmark Channel before (even though that isn’t required anymore for the award, it’s a nice bonus!). Her talent is amazing. She is, in my opinion, one of the best actresses who has been on Hallmark in modern times. She is so authentic and has the ability to adapt to any role, simultaneously becoming the character while bringing her unique self to the role. I really think she deserves to be recognized for her amazing talent!

    My mom, one of my sisters, and boyfriend all don’t have WordPress accounts so they can’t leave comments. But I was telling them about this contest and that I wasn’t going to be a lurker anymore so I’m going to share their votes as well if that’s okay!

    Only one of my sisters likes Hallmark films and TV shows, and she listens to the Hallmarkies podcast and wants to nominate the hosts of that podcast. I think her main reason is that the hosts are so passionate about the subject matter. She always says that they’re well informed and just plain fun to listen to. Just like your blog, it’s nice to be part of a community with people who are interested in the same subjects as you are.

    An actor from Swept from the Sea, Vincent Perez, is who my boyfriend suggested! He said that the film was amazing and that this is an underrated actor who was also in other films, such as Queen of the Damned (which I believe you featured once). It’s always great when you can get a guy interested in Hallmark or Hallmark-esque movies, so I appreciate his vote here!

    My mom wanted to nominate the author of The Beach House, Mary Alice Monroe. She loved the film adaptation with Andie MacDowell (even though she’s not the biggest Andie fan…). I think she was a fan of the book, too, but she mostly likes the film adaptation. The scenery, the plot, and the relatability of the characters are what made this one of her favorite Hallmark Hall of Fame Films ever. And, this would not have been possible without Mary Alice Monroe’s original story! I know that sometimes there is tension surrounding film adaptations of beloved books because fans are uncertain of whether the adaptation will stay true to the print form. But it’s always special when you find a film that you like even more than the book!

    That’s all! Thank you so much for all of your effort to keep your readers informed. Look forward to seeing the results!

    xoxo Tiffany Elle


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