Sunset Over Hope Valley: Everybody, Celebrate

Well, this is it. The final episode of Season 6. I have to admit that this has been one of the most memorable seasons in the show’s history. There was enough content for Hearties to talk about, whether these things happened on or off screen. But, nine episodes later, I’d say that this season was a success! When the seventh season was announced, it proved this season’s, as well as this show’s, success. It showed that When Calls the Heart has the endurance to live on as long as it wants to. If the creative team focuses on making this show the best that it can be and if they fans continue to support it, then this dream can come true. Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. My re-cap of Season Six’s finale of When Calls the Heart!

Just a reminder: If you did not see the season finale of When Calls the Heart, there may be spoilers within this re-cap.

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Season: 6

Episode: 9

Name: Two of Hearts


Major Stories:

  • At the beginning of the episode, Elizabeth’s sister, Julie, arrives in Hope Valley. She and Elizabeth are so excited for Jack’s Baptism ceremony. Before the event, Julie presents her sister with the Christening Gown that all of the Thatcher daughters had worn on their Baptism. The day of this event goes according to plan. Not only does the library officially open, but the Baptism and Baptism party end up being wonderful. At the Founders Day Festival, Elizabeth spends some time with Ally and Nathan. A fishing pole prize at the Strength Test game catches Ally’s eye. Nathan tries to win the prize for her, but fails. Lucas, who approaches the group shortly after, tries to win the fishing pole for Ally. Unfortunately, his attempt fails as well. Finally, Carson, who also approaches the group, tries his luck at the game. He finds success and wins the fishing pole for Ally. Later in the episode, Elizabeth overhears Bill and Henry’s confrontation about Hope Valley’s mining tragedy. When she discusses this with Henry, he reveals that everything in the letter was true and that he felt guilty about the situation ever since. Elizabeth suggests that Henry try moving forward from the past, even though he feels he doesn’t know how. At the Founders Day Dance, when it’s time for the Ladies’ Choice dance, Elizabeth chooses to dance with Lucas instead of Nathan.


  • Before the Founders’ Day Festival, Bill is recruited as the judge of the Pie Baking Contest. He also fulfills his responsibilities as Jack’s Godfather. The first order of business is attending the Baptism ceremony. At the Festival, he and Lee bond over their duties as Jack’s Godfather and Guardian. Later in the episode, Bill is searching for something in the Mayor’s office. Rosemary soon enters the office to inform him that some of the pies have already been eaten due to a misunderstanding. After agreeing to help Rosemary with the situation, Bill finds a piece of paper at the back of a desk drawer. He discovers that the piece of paper is a letter from the Northwestern Mining Company to Henry Gowen. In this letter, it reveals that Henry had concerns about the overall safety of Hope Valley’s mine. The Mining Company, however, told him that he had nothing to worry about. Shortly after making this discovery, Bill confronts Henry about the letter. Henry admits that everything in the letter was true and that he feels guilty about the situation. The next day, Elizabeth talks to Henry about his confrontation with Bill. Henry shares with her that he has been haunted by the tragedy at the mine. Elizabeth suggests that he move forward from the past. Henry says that he does not know how to do that.


  • After Spencer and Grace receive the iron pills from Carson, the three of them spend some time at the Founders Day Festival. Spencer is still upset, so Grace takes him to various attractions to help lift his spirits. A few things make him smile for a little while, such as winning a Sheriff pin and petting a rabbit at the Petting Zoo. But, no matter what, Spencer returns to his state of unhappiness. When he sees other children with their parents, he decides to run away when Grace isn’t looking. When she discovers that Spencer is missing, she immediately tells Carson what happened. Grace, Carson, and other citizens from Hope Valley join in the search for Spencer. Carson ends up finding Spencer hiding in his office. Spencer tells Carson that he misses his parents. After the Festival, Grace tries to convince Spencer to come to the orphanage that she and her sister are going to own. As she’s sharing her story of what it was like to be an orphan, Grace also shares all the fun things that the orphans and care-givers will be doing at this orphanage. Spencer ultimately decides to go to this orphanage with Grace.


  • After the contract gets approved, Lee promotes Jesse to the Manager of the lumberyard. Jesse goes straight to Dottie’s Dress Shop to tell Clara the exciting news. During the Founders Day Festival, Clara volunteers to host a hair-dressing booth. Even though she learned how to create the hairstyle the night before, her execution of the hairstyle at the festival doesn’t go according to plan. She ends up asking Fiona for some assistance. Meanwhile, Jesse asks for Lee’s help in planning a surprise for Clara. At the Founders Day Dance, Jesse surprises Clara with a marriage proposal. With much excitement and happiness, Clara says yes.
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Minor Stories:

Because all of the stories surrounded the Founders Day Festival, there were no minor stories in this episode.

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Some thoughts to consider:

  • I was honestly surprised when Elizabeth decided to dance with Lucas at the Founders Day Dance. After her talk with Henry, I thought that Elizabeth would pick him as her dance partner. I understand that the screen-writers of this show want to draw this guessing game of who Elizabeth will fall in love with for as long as possible. But, I think having Elizabeth choose between Lucas and Nathan in this episode was a little too soon.


  • I was also surprised that Lee and Rosemary didn’t adopt Spencer. I realize that this creative decision was probably made to a.) provide When Hope Calls with some familiar faces and b.) not overshadow Jesse and Clara’s engagement. However, it just felt like the emotionality of Lee and Rosemary’s talk about the possibly of not having children didn’t have a satisfying pay-off.


  • Since we now know that When Calls the Heart will receive a seventh season, I wonder when a Christmas movie will be announced? These movies have acted as a “bridge” between the previous season and the next season. Maybe it’ll be announced at Hallmark’s Summer TCA Event? What would be shocking is if this show didn’t receive a Christmas movie.


  • Overall, I thought this season finale was, at best, fine. I understand that after last season’s finale, the creative team behind this show would choose not to include a lot of shocking/surprising moments. The only thing that came the closest to being surprising was Jesse and Clara’s engagement. But even that wasn’t really surprising because it was hinted at in the preview commercial for this episode. To me, there weren’t as many surprises as I had hoped.
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Now that this season is over, what are your overall thoughts on it? Do you think this show will receive a Christmas movie? Let me know in the comment section!


Have fun in Hope Valley!

Sally Silverscreen

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