Sunset Over Hope Valley: Something to Talk About

After being out of town this past weekend, I have returned to 18 Cinema Lane with another Sunset Over Hope Valley post! Season six has provided Hearties with a lot of content to talk about. Some of it has been related to the story, such as Lucas’ arrival in Hope Valley. Others have been unexpected, such as the “Abigail situation”. But, through it all, things have worked in When Calls the Heart’s favor. With a seventh season on the way, Hearties will continue to have more things to talk about! In this episode, there is plenty of material to address. From the legalities of Hope Valley’s new-found oil to Ally’s backstory, there is something for everyone to contemplate and think about. If you want to learn more about all the things that Hearties could talk about, keep reading this When Calls the Heart re-cap post!

Just a reminder: If you did not see this episode of When Calls the Heart, there may be spoilers within this re-cap.

When Calls the Heart Season 6 poster 2
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Season: 6

Episode: 7

Name: Hope is With the Heart


Major Stories:

  • One day, Jesse comes into Henry’s office to inform him that he is going to sued by Jesse himself. When Henry tells Bill what happened, Bill says that he has been appointed as Hope Valley’s official judge. This means that Bill has assigned himself to Henry and Jesse’s case. On the first day of court, Jesse asks Henry a series of questions relating to the case. He believes that Henry was purposefully trying to take advantage of Jesse, using connections with people he knows in order to steal as much money as possible. After this court session, Clara remembers that Lucas exchanged some money with Henry. Because of this, Jesse decides to question Lucas in the next court session. The next day, on the second day of court, Jesse asks Lucas a series of questions relating to his business relationship with Henry. Lucas answers the questions, but doesn’t provide a lot of details. After assessing the information, Bill declares that there is not enough evidence to determine if Henry intentionally took advantage of Jesse. The next day, Nathan notifies Bill that Johnny Boone, a famous criminal, is on the loose. They both track down Johnny and arrest him. As Johnny reminisces about the other time that Bill arrested him, Bill informs him that he is also the town’s official judge. Later that day, two other Mounties arrive to take Johnny to Union City. When Johnny asks Bill if he can stay in Hope Valley for one more night to receive a warm meal, Bill reluctantly agrees.


  • After several attempts, Elizabeth finally gets her library. In order for this wish to become a reality, Lucas surprises Elizabeth by donating one of the buildings that he purchased. With his help, Elizabeth and her students get to work on building bookshelves and stocking the library with used books. During this activity, Robert finds a copy of The Fall of the House of Usher. After Opal insists, Robert reads some of the story to the entire class. When the story gets to a good part, Elizabeth ends this impromptu story-time. As the students go back to preparing the library, Ally shares that she knows where a “real” haunted house is located. At first, Harper and Robert are uninterested. But, as Ally describes the house to them, Harper and Robert decide that they want to see this house for themselves. Opal wants to join them, but they tell her that she’s too young to come. Later, that night, Harper and Robert travel through the woods in an attempt to find the haunted house. On this trip, they discover that Opal has followed them in order to see the house. When they do find this house, the rocking chair on the porch starts moving on its own. This causes all three children to run away. When Robert gets as far away from the house as possible, he discovers that Harper and Opal are gone. He immediately goes to Elizabeth for help. Elizabeth recruits Nathan to help her find these children. While searching for Harper and Opal, Nathan tells Elizabeth that not only does he not know where Ally is, but that the “haunted” house Ally was talking about is just an abandoned house that she and Nathan found on a fishing trip. Moments later, Ally shows up and tells them that Opal has been hurt. When Nathan and Elizabeth find Harper and Opal, not only does Opal have a hurt arm, but Ally confesses that she was pulling a prank on Robert, Harper, and Opal by moving the rocking chair and pretending that the abandoned house was haunted. After they take Opal to Carson for medical attention, they discover that Opal’s arm has been sprained. When Nathan learns that this situation started because Robert read The Fall of the House of Usher in the library that Lucas was volunteering to coordinate, he feels that he has another reason to not like Lucas. The next day, when walking home from school with Elizabeth, Ally reveals that her grandfather is in jail. When Elizabeth confronts Nathan about this subject, she tells him that he needs to talk to Ally about her grandfather. The next day, Nathan and Ally have a heart-to-heart conversation about Ally’s grandfather.
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Minor Stories:

  • Toward the beginning of the episode, Faith thanks Carson for helping her reconnect with her father. She and her father have been having more phone conversations in recent days. While eating at Abigail’s Café, Faith reveals that her father would like Carson to spend Thanksgiving with the Carter family. Carson agrees to her father’s request. Later in the episode, Faith tells Carson that her father had a heart attack. Because of this, Faith has to travel out of town to visit her father. After being with her father, she calls Carson to let him know that her visit might be longer than expected.


  • What was on Rosemary’s mind in the previous episode is still on her mind. While she is dealing with this, Fiona comes into the dress shop looking for a new dress. When Rosemary asks her if she has any personal requests, Fiona shows her a picture of a skirt from a magazine advertisement. Rosemary has her concerns about making this skirt, especially since she doesn’t know if women in Hope Valley would want to purchase it. Fiona reassures her that the skirt will, hopefully, be purchased by at least one customer. That evening, Rosemary finally talks to Lee about what’s been bothering her. She reveals that there’s a possibility that she will be unable to have children. Lee comforts her by telling her that they will get through this time together. Later in the episode, Rosemary finishes Fiona’s skirt and decides to have some of her friends model her new skirts. She is surprised by how successful her creation has become, with more people buying the skirts than expected. At the end of the episode, Elizabeth asks Rosemary and Lee if they would like to be Jack’s guardians. They both end up accepting Elizabeth’s offer.
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Some thoughts to consider:

  • The plots of the court case and the Johnny Boone arrest didn’t feel like they connected. If anything, these plots seemed like they were from two separate episodes. Based on the commercial for this episode, I assumed that the court case would last longer. Maybe this case will be brought up in another episode?


  • Even though her heart was in the right place, I found Elizabeth’s decision to make Rosemary and Lee Jack’s official guardians to be very confusing. Clearly, Elizabeth is not going to give Jack to another family, especially since it seems like she’s been doing a good job when it comes to raising Jack. Plus, in the synopsis for the next episode that was shown on my television, it said that “an old friend arrives with a new orphan”. So, it’s highly likely that one of the care-givers from When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing will arrive in Hope Valley and Rosemary and Lee will adopt this “new orphan”. This means that Elizabeth’s decision wouldn’t have much weight and meaning.


  • During the commercial for the next episode, the plot that was highlighted the most was about Lucas and his past. I really hope that Lucas’ story is worth the build-up. Throughout the season, it seems like the script has been working up to a big reveal when it comes to the character of Lucas. I do think it’s interesting that Lucas’ story is finally being told in the second to last episode of the season.
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What are your thoughts on this episode? Do you have any predictions for what’s to come? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!


Have fun in Hope Valley!

Sally Silverscreen

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