Evenings At The Shore: Traveling Near and Far

Something that I like about Chesapeake Shores is seeing our favorite East Coast family exploring the world beyond their backyard. Whether it’s Trace rocking out to some really great music in Nashville or Nell discovering the O’Brien family’s heritage in Ireland, these adventures bring a sense of realism to each of the characters and the show overall. Personally, I would love to see a St. Patrick’s Day themed movie where the O’Brien family travels to Ireland in honor of the holiday! Just think of all the stories that the characters of Chesapeake Shores could receive and the impact that a great backdrop, like Ireland, could have on each member of the family! Though Chesapeake Shores’ third season just started, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hallmark did decide to give this series their own set of movies. The show has been successful so far, so I’m hoping their success will continue. For now, let’s look back at this third episode of Chesapeake Shores’ third season!

Just a reminder: If you did not see this episode of Chesapeake Shores, there may be spoilers within this re-cap.

Chespeake Shores Season 3 poster
Chesapeake Shores poster image created by Crown Media Family Networks and Hallmark Channel. Image found at https://www.crownmediapress.com/Shows/PRShowDetail?SiteID=142&FeedBoxID=845&NodeID=302&ShowType=series&ShowTitle=Chesapeake%20Shores%20Season%203&episodeIndex=3001.


Season: 3

Episode: 3

Name: This Rock is Going to Roll


Trace’s story: At the beginning of the episode, Trace reveals to Abby that he will soon go back on the road with his band to participate in another concert tour. This time, however, the tour will only last for three weeks and take place closer to Chesapeake Shores. Abby shares that, while Jess and Bree are in Maine, she will be the night manager at the Inn. Upon hearing this, Trace agrees with Abby to visit her, Carrie, and Caitlyn at the Inn so he can spend time with them and read a bedtime story to Abby’s daughters. Later that night, Trace comes to the Inn to play a board game with Carrie and Caitlyn. When it comes time for Trace to read a bedtime story to Carrie and Caitlyn, he, instead, chooses to tell them about Snipes, mythical creatures that can be found in the woods. The next day, Trace, Carrie, and Caitlyn go to the beach. When Carrie and Caitlyn express their interest to go swimming, Trace discourages them because he thinks that the current is too strong for swimming and could put Abby’s daughters in danger. Both Carrie and Caitlyn remind Trace that not only is he not their dad, but that their father, Wes, lets them go swimming whenever they want, no matter the size of the current. Later that day, Trace meets up with Mick at The Bridge. They have a heart-to-heart conversation about parenting and reflect on how much they’ve changed as people. Abby also comes to The Bridge, later in the episode, to talk to Trace about Carrie and Caitlyn’s response to his reaction at the beach. Before Carrie and Caitlyn left Chesapeake Shores to spend a week with their father, Trace planned a day trip to a nearby forest with him, Carrie, Caitlyn, Abby, Megan, Mick, and Kevin to find Snipes.


Abby’s story: When Trace reveals that he will return with his band to the, temporary, life of concert touring, Abby tells him about her temporary position as night manager at the Inn. She makes an agreement with Trace to spend as much time with each other and with her daughters as possible. At the Inn, Trace, Carrie, and Caitlyn play a board game while Abby sits on a couch, watching them have fun. Toward bedtime, Abby listens with Carrie and Caitlyn to Trace’s story about the Snipes. The next day, Carrie and Caitlyn tell Abby about what happened at the beach and how they responded to the situation. After hearing what her daughters told her about their statement to Trace, Abby pays a visit to The Bridge in get Trace’s side of the story. When Trace tells her what happened, Abby realizes that her daughters are trying to adjust to Trace’s presence in their family’s lives. Toward the end of the episode, Abby tells Trace that Carrie and Caitlyn are going to spend a week with their father. Both of them, along with Carrie, Caitlyn, Megan, Mick, and Kevin go on a day time to look for Snipes.


Mick’s story: While Jess and Bree are in Maine, Mick teams up with Kevin to run the Inn during the day. While Kevin struggles to cook certain meals, Mick seems to get the hang of using the right amount of ingredients to make delicious meals for the guests. When Kevin expresses his feelings about the disagreement between him and Connor, Mick suggests that he talk to his brother about what happened. Later in the episode, Kevin shares with Mick that the recent conversation between him and Connor at Word Play seemed to make matters worse. Mick suggests for Kevin to give Connor some space for he can sort through everything that has happened to him recently. Also, Mick meets up with Trace at The Bridge, where they talk about parenting and how much they’ve changed as individuals. At the end of the episode, Mick joins Trace, Carrie, Caitlyn, Abby, Kevin, and Megan on their search for Snipes.


Megan’s story: Megan volunteers to run Word Play while Bree is in Maine with Jess. One day, Robin shows up and marvels at how great the bookstore is. During her time there, Robin asks Megan how things have been since she came back home. Megan confesses that, at times, it feels confusing. The next day, Connor leaves his shift at Word Play early to meet up with Danielle, assuring his mom that his relationship with his girlfriend is still on good terms. Megan reminds Connor that just because he can convince other people to take his side doesn’t mean he can convince himself to believe whatever he’s trying to tell himself. At the end of the episode, Megan joins Mick, Kevin, Trace, Abby, Carrie, and Caitlyn to look for Snipes.

Travel suitcase image created by Freepik at freepik.com. <a href=’https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/water-color-travel-bag-background_1177013.htm’>Designed by Freepik</a>. <a href=”https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/background”>Background vector created by Freepik</a>. Image found at freepik.com.

Nell’s story: Nell hasn’t given up her fight to save the local Wishing Fountain. One morning, she finally meets with the Mayor over a breakfast of homemade muffins to discuss the future of the Fountain. When the Mayor still doesn’t budge on his position to remove the Fountain, Nell leaves the meeting feeling discouraged. However, she makes one last effort to change the Mayor’s mind. One day, Nell invites the Mayor to join her, again, at the Fountain. This time, she mentions that the Fountain has remained an important cornerstone to the O’Brien family for many years. She also reminds the Mayor that because the O’Brien family is respected and well-liked in the Chesapeake Shores community, they could affect the election season more than the Mayor thinks. After thinking about what Nell told him, the Mayor quickly changes his mind to keep the Fountain still standing. Later in the episode, Nell meets up with Robin. When they both decide to make a wish, Nell shares that she wished for understanding, explaining that all she’s ever wanted to do is stand up for what she believes in and keep her family together. After this explanation, Robin decides to renew her wedding vows in Chesapeake Shores.


Kevin’s story: Kevin volunteers to help Mick at the Inn while Jess is in Maine. He struggles to prepare the meals for the guests because of his lack of cooking skills. However, Kevin does use this opportunity of working alongside his dad to express his concerns about Connor. Mick tells Kevin to find Connor and tell him what has been happening lately. One day, Kevin visits Connor at Word Play to talk about why he told Connor about his concerns relating to Danielle. Connor becomes upset with what Kevin tries to tell him and informs Kevin that his relationship with Danielle is on good terms. When Kevin returns to the Inn, later that day, he tells Mick about his conversation with Connor and how he feels it only made things worse. Mick reassures his son by suggesting that he gives Connor some space to sort everything out. When the episode ends, Kevin teams up with Mick, Megan, Trace, Abby, Carrie, and Caitlyn in their search for Snipes.


Jess’ story: Jess and Bree travel to Maine to visit David and his family. During their stay, everything seems to carry on without any problems. Jess also seems to get along with David’s family quite well. One day, while Jess is on her way to play a game of Polo with David’s parents, Bree tries to tell Jess that David’s parents did not plan this trip to become better acquainted with Jess. Bree also shares with Jess that Casey, one of the characters in her manuscript, is a representation of Bree, not Jess. Jess chooses not to listen to Bree and, instead, remains optimistic. After the Polo game, Jess and Mrs. Peck are talking about David’s role at the Inn. During their conversation, they pass by David’s office. They hear him speaking on the phone with international clients of the family company, indicating to Jess that David is really busy with important matters. Later that day, Jess finds Bree and expresses her feelings about everything that has happened so far. She feels her self-esteem slipping because David’s association with his family’s business appears, to her, more significant than any role David ever took at the Inn. Bree reminds Jess that she is awesome and that no one should tell her otherwise. After Bree explains to Jess that her manuscript was a reflection of the O’Brien family as a whole, Jess and Bree make up after their disagreement and continue to get along. At dinner that night, Mr. Peck announces that David is the new head of the family business. When the entrée is finally brought to the table, everyone at the table discovers that it is quiche, the meal that Jess told Mrs. Peck was David’s favorite dish to make at the Inn.


Bree’s story: Bree and Jess travel to Maine to visit David and his family. At first, everything during their stay seems fine. While exploring the family library, Bree meets David’s sister, Alexandra. During their conversation, Alexandra reveals to Bree that her parents may have ulterior motives for inviting Jess to meet their family. While Jess is on her way to play a game of Polo with David’s parents, Bree tries to tell Jess what Alexandra told her. When Jess refuses to listen to her, Bree explains to Jess that Casey, one of the characters in her manuscript, is not a representation of Jess, but a representation of Bree. Jess still doesn’t listen to Jess as she goes on her way to play Polo. Later that day, Jess comes to Bree in tears, expressing how David’s affiliation with his family business makes her feel insignificant. Bree reminds Jess that she is awesome and that no one should tell her otherwise. Jess also reminds Bree that she is awesome and that no one should tell her differently. Bree then explains to Jess that her manuscript was a reflection on the O’Brien family as a whole, causing both Bree and Jess to make up from their disagreement and continue to get along. At dinner that night, Alexandra shares with Bree that she liked the manuscript for her play. Mr. Peck also shares with Bree that he has pulled some strings to, potentially, have someone at a publishing company read Bree’s manuscript.


Connor’s story: Connor agrees to take a temporary shift at Word Play while Bree is in Maine with Jess. While working at the bookstore, Kevin pays Connor a visit and tries to explain his feelings about being suspicious of Danielle. Connor becomes upset by what Kevin tries to say and insists that he and Danielle have a good relationship. Later in the episode, while on a date with Danielle, Connor asks her if she is seeing anyone else. Danielle tells Connor that her feelings for him and the other guy that she’s seeing are complicated. The next day, Connor leaves his shift at Word Play early to go on a date with Danielle. Before he leaves, he tells Megan that his and Danielle’s relationship is in a good place. Connor is reminded by Megan that just because he can convince other people to take his side doesn’t mean he can convince himself to believe whatever he tells himself. On his date with Danielle, Connor and Danielle have a heart-to-heart about the state of their relationship. After everything is said, they decide to put their relationship on hold for the time being.

Lighthouse in Maine image created by Ned Horton at freeimages.com. “FreeImages.com/Ned Horton.”

Some thoughts to consider:

  • I know this might sound random, but where do all the coins in the Wishing Fountain go? Are they used to raise funds for a local charity? Do they support any extracurricular activities for one of the schools in Chesapeake Shores? I hope Nell answers this question in an upcoming episode.


  • Even though David’s parents, in this episode and in the preview for the next episode, seem like they have a negative opinion about Jess, I have a feeling the Jess vs. David’s parents story might play out in a similar way to Hallmark’s “royal” movies. Hallmark usually shows their lead couples, in their movies or television shows, working things out for the better. Hopefully, Jess and David’s situation will work out for the best as well.


  • Speaking of Jess and David, did anyone else find their reenactment of the famous birthday cake scene from Sixteen Candles to be random? I don’t recall either Jess or David saying if they liked the film or that the infamous birthday cake scene was a favorite movie scene of theirs. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Sixteen Candles about a young woman’s birthday getting overshadowed by a family member’s wedding? Because of this cinematic context, it made the idea of Jess and David reenacting that specific movie scene feel out of place within this episode. Though, I will admit that this scene between Jess and David was adorable!
Starry night landscape with reeds
Evening view from the shore image created by 0melapics at freepik.com. <a href=’https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/landscape-in-a-swamp-at-night_1042860.htm’>Designed by Freepik</a>. <a href=”https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/background”>Background vector created by 0melapics – Freepik.com</a>. Image found at freepik.com.

What did you think about this episode? Would you like to see a Chesapeake Shores movie? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


Have fun in Chesapeake Shores!

Sally Silverscreen

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