Sunset Over Hope Valley: Worth All the Talk

This episode has got to be one of the most talked about episodes in When Calls the Heart history. It definitely has brought the Hearties together, being active as ever on social media. Because of this, people like Brain Bird (the executive producer of When Calls the Heart), Bill Abbott (the President and Chief Executive Officer of Crown Media Family Networks), and Hallmark Channel themselves have responded to as many fans as possible about some of the events of this episode. When you read this re-cap, you will understand why this episode has gotten so much attention. Since you’ve been waiting so patiently, let’s talk about the pre-season finale episode.

Just a reminder: If you did not see this episode of When Calls the Heart, there may be spoilers within this re-cap.

When Calls the Heart Season 5 poster
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Season: 5

Episode: 9

Name: In My Dreams

Major Stories:

  • With Carson’s birthday fast approaching, Faith decides to plan a surprise party for him. She lets everyone in on the secret and recruits them to help her plan the party. On the day of Carson’s birthday, Faith gets him a birthday gift, which is a harmonica. Carson appears to truly enjoy his birthday gift. Suddenly, Laura and Elizabeth come to Dr. Carson’s office to tell him that a foal is about to be born. This concerns Faith because she doesn’t want Carson to miss his own birthday party. Several hours pass and the guests at Carson’s birthday party wonder if the guest of honor will end up coming after all. Ultimately, Faith suggests they end the party early and pack things up. Just as the guests decide to take her advice, Carson shows up just in time. Everyone at the party is thrilled about Carson’s arrival, with Rosemary telling Carson that the whole event was Faith’s idea. The party seems to be a hit when Elizabeth remembers that her gift for Carson was left at school. On her way out of the Saloon, Abigail volunteers to go with her back to school. During their journey, a Mountie meets up with them, trying to seek out Elizabeth. After she identifies herself, Elizabeth asks if Jack has been hurt. When the Mountie says no, she demands to know if he is alive. She becomes emotionally distraught after the Mountie tells her he is sorry.


  • A woman named Eleanor comes to Hope Valley to visit Lee. She is the widow of one of Lee’s former business partners. During her stay, she meets Henry and shares her plans of wanting to hire him for her growing business. He agrees to Eleanor’s plan, excited about the possibility of owning a business again. However, his inability to share details about his new job causes other members of Hope Valley’s community to be concerned, including Rosemary. Several days later, Henry finds out during dinner that Eleanor wants him to steal Lee’s customer records because she wants to build a saw mill in a neighboring town. Henry does steal the customer records from Lee’s office. Right as Henry hands Eleanor the files, Bill shows up to arrest Eleanor, also revealing that Henry was helping Bill catch Eleanor in the act. Impressed with Henry’s honesty, Lee offers him a promotion in which Lee accepts.
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Minor stories:

  • Jesse goes to Dr. Carson’s office with a hurt arm. Carson discovers that Jesse injured his rotator cuff and would need a few weeks to recover. When Jesse explains his situation to Lee, he is understanding to Jesse and gives him a temporary office job. This requires him to figure out the measurements of lumber and its financial factors. Though Jesse wants to do a good job, he struggles with the mathematics behind the work. Overwhelmed, Jesse asks Elizabeth if she will provide math tutoring for him, with Elizabeth agreeing. During the tutoring session, Jesse reveals that he didn’t finish the 8th grader and he is embarrassed to tell Clara this. Elizabeth encourages him to share this with Clara as she explains that honesty is an important component to any relationship. A few days later, Jesse tells Clara the truth about his limited education, but Clara cares more about the fact that Jesse is willing to work hard and be a better person than he was the day before. Days after this conversation, Jesse finishes the work that Lee gave him. Lee is more than impressed with Jesse’s work and is happy everything worked out for the better.


  • Because Robert’s parents are out of town, he is invited to Cody’s house to spend the night. Both Robert and Cody wake up in the middle of the night to get a midnight snack. They decide to eat a piece of cake, the same cake that Abigail made for Carson’s upcoming birthday party. While cutting the cake, Robert tries out a trick of only removing the middle part of the cake and putting the two halves together. This trick does not go according to plan, especially when the entire cake falls on the floor. They try to put the cake back together, hoping that no one will notice. Abigail does notice the cake the next day and eventually questions Cody and Robert about it. Both Cody and Robert confess that they destroyed Abigail’s cake, even though they had no intention to do so. To make up for their mistake, Cody and Robert decide to bake a new cake. They even pay for all of the ingredients with their own allowances, which means that Robert will be unable to purchase the kite that he was saving up for. Though they struggle with the directions of how to bake a cake, they pull through and finish baking the cake. It doesn’t look exactly like the first cake, but their efforts are appreciated. To recognize their selflessness, Abigail gives them the kite that Robert had wanted.
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Some thoughts to consider:

  • There has been a lot of speculation of Jack’s possible fate, especially on Twitter. For several reasons, I think Jack has passed away. However, I could be totally wrong and Jack may be fine. Just remember, anything is possible.


  • I just want to say that both Jesse and Henry have come such a long way since their introductions on the show! As a Heartie, I couldn’t be prouder of these two characters!
Red sunset clouds over trees.
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What did you think of this episode? Do you think Jack is still alive? Let me know in the comment section!


Have fun in Hope Valley!

Sally Silverscreen

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