Sunset Over Hope Valley: Absence and a Wedding make a Heart Grow Fonder

The day has finally arrived. What Hearties have been waiting four years for has happened after all. Jack Thornton and Elizabeth Thatcher’s wedding was the event of the hour. While everyone was excited to see the couple’s nuptials, it seems like there were several reasons why the Hearties could look forward this episode. Some of the fans were probably happy to see returning characters from previous seasons. Some fans were probably thankful that the creative team behind the show went out of their way to make this most anticipated event happen. Whatever a Heartie’s reason, it was an event that definitely was worth every minute. Now, let’s talk about Jack and Elizabeth’s wedding!

Just a reminder: If you did not see this episode of When Calls the Heart, there may be spoilers within this re-cap.

When Calls the Heart Season 5 poster
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Season: 5

Episode: 5

Name: My Heart is Yours

Major Stories:

  • The day of Jack and Elizabeth’s wedding is fast approaching. As members from both the Thornton and Thatcher families arrive in Hope Valley, the excitement for the town’s biggest event is quickly growing. When a fire almost destroys the church, all of the townspeople pitch in to not only clean up the church, but to also help Jack and Elizabeth finish their wedding plans. On the day of the wedding, everyone gets concerned when Bill, one of the groomsmen, is missing. Lee and Rosemary try to figure out a back-up plan in case Bill doesn’t show up with the rings. However, Bill does show up before the wedding starts, with the rings still intact. The wedding and reception play out without any hiccups, everyone in attendance appearing to have a good time.


  • Days before the wedding, Bill receives a letter that is really addressed to Jack. The letter was asking Jack to help another Mountie transfer a gang member to prison. Bill selflessly goes in Jack’s place so he doesn’t miss his own wedding. The next day, Bill arrives at a house that contains both the Mountie and the gang member. Shortly after his arrival, Bill discovers that the house is surrounded by other members of the prisoner’s gang. After several hours of being trapped by the gang, Jack finds a trap door that leads to the outside. He decides to escape from the house and sneak up on the gang members, which he successfully does. When the mission is complete, Bill comes back to Hope Valley just in time for the wedding. He is able to give the rings to Phillip, the ring bearer, before the wedding starts.


  • After school, some of Elizabeth’s students talk about the upcoming wedding at the Mercantile. Ruby shares her insecurities about performing her role during the wedding. The group decides to go to the church to practice their roles in the wedding so they can feel prepared. During their practice session, Cody knocks over a candlestick while lighting the candles, which causes a fire inside of the church. None of the children get hurt, but Jack had to rescue Opal. After the incident, Opal is diagnosed with smoke inhalation, but she quickly recovers. There is damage at the church, but the townspeople volunteer to clean up the mess in preparation for the wedding.
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Minor stories:

There weren’t really any minor stories in this episode because everything connected back to Jack and Elizabeth’s wedding.


Some thoughts to consider:

  • The highlight, for me, in this episode was the return of Tom Thornton! Ever since the second season, Tom has been my favorite character on When Calls the Heart. I liked how there were simple but satisfying explanations for character absences and reappearances (especially for Tom). I also appreciate the creative team behind this show putting in the effort to try and bring back as many cast members from the Thornton and Thatcher families as possible. Tom’s appearance in this episode was worth the three year wait.


  • Overall, I think this episode was solid all around. From the writing to the acting, everything was creatively handled with care. I did have my doubts before this episode aired because the build-up leading to it felt rushed. However, the creative team behind When Calls the Heart proved me wrong and delivered a very memorable episode.
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What are your thoughts on this episode? Was the wedding everything you had dreamed it would be? Let me know in the comments section!


Have fun in Hope Valley!

Sally Silverscreen

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