Travel Lessons I Learned from Movies and TV

Movies and television not only provide entertainment, they also tell a story through a visual medium. Something else movies and television do is teach lessons through those stories. Throughout my life, I have learned so many lessons from various movies and television shows. How to travel smart has been one of them. As my blogathon’s theme this year is ‘Travel Gone Wrong’, I have decided to share a list of six travel related lessons I’ve learned over the years! This is especially exciting, as it’s the first list I’ve created for one of my blogathons! The list is based off of movies and shows I have personally watched. I also tried to present a combination of programs where the mishaps were met with either hilarious or horrifying results. Now, have your boarding ticket ready, as we’re about to start this list!

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Never Tell Strangers Where You Will be Staying (Especially if You’re Traveling Alone)

When I reviewed the 1962 film, Cape Fear, I said the most effective “scary movies” are the ones that involve real-life situations. A movie that definitely belongs in that discussion is the classic, Taken. The 2008 title showcases the dangers that can sometimes present themselves in international travel, without coming across as a PSA/cautionary tale/“after school special” type story. This is because the film places more emphasis on the action within the project. Every time I think of this movie, I always speculate how Kim and Amanda might have avoided their plight had they not told a group of strangers, who ended up being human traffickers, which hotel they were staying at. It also didn’t help how they revealed they were both traveling alone. There’s a saying that goes “Strangers are friends you haven’t met yet”. Well, as Kim and Amanda’s situation shows, that isn’t always the case, especially since some people’s intentions are not great. Watching Taken reminded me how you should only share your hotel and travel status with people you know and trust.

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If You Want to Start any Relationships with the “Locals”, Take the Time to Know Them First

When I refer to “locals”, I’m referring to anyone who is from a particular travel destination, whether it’s “across the pond” or across town. For this point, I have two examples to share. The first is from a movie I reviewed back in January, Red Corner. While in China for business related reasons, Jack becomes attracted to a woman he briefly met at a nightclub. Attraction gets the better of them, as they end up sharing intimate relations with one another. The woman is discovered dead the following morning, with Jack declared a suspect in her murder. The second example, which also involves a man named Jack, is the Lost episode “Stranger in a Strange Land”. Within the flashbacks from that episode, Jack forms a month-long, intimate relationship with Achara, a character I mentioned in my latest Sunset Over Hope Valley re-cap. During their relationship, Jack becomes frustrated that Achara won’t share what her “gift” is with him. Taking matters into his own hands, he barges into her place of employment and demands an explanation. When Achara’s revelation isn’t enough, Jack forces her to give him a tattoo, even though she initially refuses his request. Their relationship ends disastrously, with Achara in tears and Jack unofficially banned from Thailand.

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I’ve said before that, in my opinion, starting or ending a relationship shouldn’t be taken lightly. I’ve also said that both members of a relationship should be equal to one another. Taking that into account, it’s important to remember when two people come together to form a relationship, they bring with them elements of their lives, which includes their respective cultures. This is where my two examples come in. Despite Jack from Red Corner spending such a short amount of time with the aforementioned woman, he had to deal with her government, a government he was not familiar with. He was also not familiar with the Chinese language and cultural beliefs. This, to an extent, left Jack at a disadvantage. Meanwhile, in Thailand, Jack from Lost didn’t respect Achara’s cultural boundaries. As I mentioned earlier, she initially refused his tattoo request. During their confrontation, Achara told Jack her tattoos are “not decoration, it is definition”. Achara also said Jack couldn’t receive a tattoo because he was “an outsider”. Though she doesn’t provide details to her comments, Achara implies her tattoos have a strong connection to her culture. But whenever Jack and Achara are shown having a conversation, they seem to purposefully avoid talking about anything personal. When I first reflected on “Stranger in a Strange Land”, I knew Achara and Jack’s relationship didn’t last for a reason. Rewatching it years later reminded me why. Honestly, both parties from both relationships could have avoided so much heartache if they had taken the time to learn about and from one another. Sometimes, the best way to know more about a specific culture is to interact with those who are a part of it. Seems to me both aforementioned relationships missed a great opportunity.

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Be Mindful Who You Place Your Valuable Belongings With

Traveling with valuable belongings is inevitable. This has been the case since the concept of traveling was born. A valuable belonging can be almost anything, especially according to the decade. In the 1980s, one of these valuable belongings was camcorders/video cameras. Priceless, irreplaceable family memories were captured on these devices. At the time, they also carried an expensive price tag. I’ve only seen about half of National Lampoon’s European Vacation. The one scene I vividly remember is when the Griswald family have their video camera stolen. Clark asks a passerby to take his family’s picture with the camera. During this photo session, the passerby suggests the family stand in a nearby fountain. After the Griswalds take this suggestion, the passerby runs away with their video camera. While this scene is meant to be played for laughs, a serious point is to be made. There’s nothing wrong with asking someone to take a picture of you with your chosen electronic device. However, if you are in possession of a valuable item, being mindful is key. If something doesn’t add up, don’t hesitate to say or do something about the situation. Similar to what I said about Taken, place your belongings with those you trust.

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On Your Trip, Know Where Every Member of Your Party Is

A movie I have never talked about on my blog before is the live-action adaptation, Madeline. I’ll admit it has been years since I’ve seen this film. But from what I remember, there is one scene that perfectly fits this discussion. The titular character and her classmates are at a local carnival on a field trip. Toward the end of this trip, Madeline is late for their bus ride home. To avoid getting in trouble, one of Madeline’s classmates holds up a hat to look like Madeline was sitting in her seat. This leads Miss Clavel to assume Madeline was with the rest of the class. But, in reality, she was somewhere else. During any trip, there is so much to think about. Keeping your party together is one of them. If Madeline had told one of her classmates or even Miss Clavel where she was going or how long she would be gone for, the school community would have one less thing to worry about. There’s no “modern” technology present in this film. But if Madeline had access to a cell phone, she should have kept it on and with her at all times. Miss Clavel is known for saying “Something is not right”. Had Madeline been in worse danger than was depicted in the movie, something would have been very wrong.

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Leave Enough Time to Gather All Your Belongings

A running joke on The Middle is “the blue bag”. This blue bag contains important items, such as snacks, and is meant to travel with the Heck family whenever they go on a trip. Unfortunately, this bag is, more often than not, forgotten. When this realization occurs, the family typically asks in unison, “You forgot the blue bag”? A reason why this bag gets left behind is because the Heck family usually rushes to get to their destination. In my years of travelling and watching The Middle, I know how essential it is to be prepared. This is why I always pack the day before I leave for a trip. The day before I plan to leave, I also gather what I know I will pack and put those items in one place. This has saved me so much headache and stress.

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Take Advantage of the Opportunities Around You

Ok, so I know I’ve been sharing lessons I’ve learned relating to more serious, travel related situations. Well, this lesson is serious, but not in the same way. Travelling, whether near or far, can give you opportunities to explore new places, meet new people, and grow as an individual. Two characters who take advantage of this are Brooklyn and Joe from Anchors Aweigh! For the majority of this story, Joe and Brooklyn travel to Los Angeles/Hollywood after receiving permission to leave their Navy base. During their travels, they make new friends, fall in love, even helping make a dream come true. Brooklyn and Joe also visit places not highlighted in a travel guide. But none of that would have been possible if they hadn’t been open to the possibilities of their surroundings. So many discoveries are waiting to be found when you travel. They can come in all different shapes and sizes. How do you find them, you ask? Just be aware of what your surroundings have to offer.

Have fun on your travels!

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I Won My Second Blogger Recognition Award!

Last week, I received a special surprise from fellow blogger, Ospreyshire! They gave me my second Blogger Recognition Award! What a great way to start the new year! For those who don’t know, Ospreyshire created the blog, Iridium Eye Reviews. Films that don’t often get talked about are covered there. You might say that Ospreyshire is trying to give those projects their “standing ovation”. Before I list the rules for the Blogger Recognition Award, I just want to thank my nominator for their thoughtfulness. It’s nice to know that, in the movie blogging community, fellow bloggers look out for one another. If you want to read Ospreyshire’s articles or pay them a visit, here’s the link to their blog:

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Now, it’s time for me to list the official rules, which are the following:

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Since I completed the first and second rules, let’s move on to rule number three!


  1. Because I have won this award before, I already shared the reason why I started 18 Cinema Lane. I also talked about this in my very first blog post. I’ll provide links to both of those articles:


  1. The first piece of advice is to stay true to yourself. The internet is a vast and expanding place, filled with thousands of movie related content. But, when everything is said and done, there will only be one you. Create a blog and a series of posts that truly reflect the unique individual that you are. The second piece of advice I’ll give is to always be on the lookout for inspiration. For me, I turn to other forms of media when I’m searching for ideas for future blog posts. There have even been times where I’ve gotten inspiration from Youtube videos. Be open to any and every possibility where inspiration may present itself.


  1. The next ten nominees who will receive the Blogger Recognition Award are the following:
  • Maddy from Maddy Loves Her Classic Films
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Congratulations to these newly nominated bloggers!

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Have fun at the movies!

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I Received my First Blogger Recognition Award!

Last month, I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Annlyel from Annlyel Online! Because I was out of town during the week I was nominated, I postponed my award post for another day. Since I now have the time to complete this post, I decided to do that today. Thank you Annlyel for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award! This is my first time receiving this honor, so I’m so excited to share this achievement with all my readers and followers! If you want to check out Annlyel’s thoughts on movies, superheroes, and cinematic news, visit her blog at this link:

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Before I begin the official award post, I need to list the rules for receiving the award. There rules are:

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Since I’ve already completed the first two steps, I’ll now move on to the third step.


  1. As I said in my very first blog post last February, I wanted to give the movie related things that I like the “standing ovation” that I think they deserve. With this digital platform, I’ve realized that I can make a positive difference through my blog posts and interactions with others. If you want to learn more about why I started 18 Cinema Lane, you can read the first blog post I ever published.


  1. The first thing I would tell new bloggers is to type and save your posts in Microsoft Word first. Sometimes, the save option on the “add new post” page, which is located in the upper left-hand corner of the page, doesn’t record the changes you might make to your article. So, writing and saving your posts in Microsoft Word allows bloggers to have a sense of security that their work will get completed with few technical interruptions.


The second piece of advice I would give is to reach out to other bloggers, especially those that have the same interests as you. Fellow movie bloggers have become followers of mine because I reached out and recognized their hard work and dedication. Reaching out to other bloggers can also give you inspiration for future blog entries. One example for me is Cameron’s article, from The Blog Complainer, about making good movie sequels. This creative idea inspired me to think more critically about Queen of the Damned as a cinematic sequel, as I was able to apply some of Cameron’s points to my review of the film. If you want to learn more about how good movie sequels can be made, as well as how Cameron’s article influenced my movie-viewing experience, you can read these two articles:


  1. The next fifteen nominees for the Blogger Recognition Award are:
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Congratulations to all of the newly nominated bloggers!

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Have fun at the movies!

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