Evenings At The Shore: When in Doubt, Choose Joy

Ever since she found out she was pregnant again, Sarah has been unsure how to feel. On the one hand, she wants to be excited about this new life chapter. But, she’s also afraid of losing the baby again. In an effort to give her sister-in-law some heartfelt advice, Abby tells Sarah “When in doubt, choose joy”. In my re-cap posts, I always try to incorporate some direct aspect of the show into the introduction. This could be one of the character’s quotes, a specific theme, or an event that occurred in the story. As soon as Abby told Sarah the aforementioned quote, I knew it was going to be the title of my re-cap post. Not just because I like her quote, it could also be said about a favorite television show. Why do people choose a given show as their favorite? Why do viewers keep coming back to a specific story? It’s likely that show gives them joy.

Just a reminder: If you did not see this episode of Chesapeake Shores, there will be spoilers within this re-cap.

Chesapeake Shores season six poster created by Hallmark Media and Hallmark Channel

Season: 6

Episode: 6

Name: Straighten Up and Fly Right

Bree and Luke’s story: Bree and Luke haven’t spoken to each other in a week, due to their last interaction at the Seaside Festival. While she misses Luke, Bree worries he has already moved on. But when she tells her dad how she feels, Mick suggests she should go to The Bridge and talk to Luke. Later, at The Bridge, Bree visits Luke and gives him a house-warming present, as he is moving into The Bridge temporarily. During this interaction, Bree apologizes for not believing Luke about the fortune cards. She also explains how she has, historically, been anxious about being in a serious relationship. Not only does Luke forgive Bree, they both agree to trust one another and let go of their insecurities. After receiving a tour of Luke’s new apartment, Bree receives a text from an actress named Miranda. Miranda wants to adapt her book into a movie, the same book that was based on the O’Brien family. Before she makes any decisions, Bree asks her family for their blessing. The family unanimously agree to the adaptation, discussing which actors and actresses should portray them as well.

Mick’s story: Mick continues to attend NA meetings. While things seem to be going well, he hasn’t found a sponsor yet. Meanwhile, Mick is planning a trip to Red Rock with Megan. But when Megan falls ill, the trip is postponed. Mick asks Luke if he’d like to be his sponsor. Luke turns down the offer, as he feels that would be a conflict of interest, since he and Mick are friends. At the most recent NA meeting, Mick confesses to encountering temptation, sharing how he found some leftover painkillers in Connor’s bathroom, during a visit to his son’s apartment. But in a one-on-one conversation with the leader of the NA meetings, Mick reveals he actually took one of his son’s painkillers. The meeting leader tells Mick he is already working on the first step; admitting you have a problem. The leader also agrees to be Mick’s sponsor.

David and Jess’ story: In an effort to take her mind off of David and his issues, Jess plans to purchase a vineyard. While practicing her business pitch with Abby, Jess reveals how she has done plenty of research and taken some business classes. Impressed by her sister’s efforts, Abby tells Jess she will share her idea with a business associate she knows. Later in the episode, Abby shares with Jess how the business associate loves Jess’ idea. This gives Jess the confidence to follow through on her plan. Meanwhile, David receives a phone call from his dad. Mr. Peck claims he is innocent and someone within his company framed him. David is unsure whether his dad is telling the truth. However, he and the FBI agent from the season premiere agree to wire tap his cell phone. The next time Mr. Peck calls, David confesses how his phone is tapped. Mr. Peck tells his son he is planning to come back to the States, in an effort to prove his innocence.

Vineyard on a sunny day image created by Jcstudio at freepik.com. <a href=”https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/green”>Green photo created by jcstudio – http://www.freepik.com</a>. Image found at freepik.com.

Margaret and Connor’s story: Margaret finally receives the results of her Bar Exam, which reveal she passed the Bar. Connor and Margaret are thrilled with these results. After posting them on social media, Margaret receives an offer from a large, well-known law firm in Washington D.C. Margaret was not planning on working at a large firm, especially since she enjoys working with Connor. But Connor feels she should, at least, see what their offer is, as he doesn’t want to hold Margaret back. Several days later, Margaret pays Connor a visit at his apartment. She tells him she met with the D.C. law firm, sharing how they wanted her to join their partner program and retreat in Belize. However, Margaret turned down this offer, stating how she wants to continue working with Connor as an official partner. Connor likes Margaret’s proposal and agrees to this business arrangement.

Sarah and Kevin’s story: Sarah accepts an invitation to the spa, as Bree has a gift certificate that is about to expire. Besides Sarah and Bree, Jess and Abby also attend the spa trip. At the spa, one of the employees offers all four women some complimentary wine. This puts Sarah between a rock and a hard place. Because she is pregnant, Sarah wants to refuse the alcoholic beverage. But since she never shared this news with anyone other than Kevin, she’s unsure what exactly to say. Fortunately, Abby saves the day by asking for a fruit smoothie for her and Sarah. In a private conversation, Abby reveals she knew about Sarah’s pregnancy, but only because she correctly guessed this information during her conversation with Kevin in the previous episode. She reassures Sarah she hasn’t shared this news with anyone. Toward the end of the episode, both Kevin and Sarah share their pregnancy with Bree and Jess.

Some thoughts to consider:

  • While at the spa, Abby receives a phone call from the school nurse. The phone call is about Caitlyn, as she’s been spending more time in the nurse’s office lately. But when questioned about this by Jess, Caitlyn says these trips are nothing serious, that it’s just “whatever”. This explanation is so vague, Caitlyn’s “whatever” could be anything. So, I’m curious to see what’s going on in this part of the story.
  • After reading this episode’s synopsis on Hallmark Media’s website, I had assumed Jess bought a vineyard in a spontaneous, leap-of-faith. So, I was pleasantly surprised to discover she put a lot of thought, time, and research into her decision. Jess has impressed me this season. In the previous episode, she was the “voice of reason”, giving Bree realistic dating advice. Now, she’s expanding her business ventures in a way that is practical and has potential for long-time success. Jess and her possible vineyard could lend themselves to a spin-off show!
  • During the scenes involving Mr. Peck and his son, Mr. Peck is talking on the phone in a phone booth. The phone booth itself looks like the red booths typically associated with London, England. However, the nearby tents, wardrobe of the background characters, and limited amount of lighting indicate an outdoor market in the evening. I know Mr. Peck’s specific whereabouts are supposed to be kept a secret. But I kind of wish the show’s creative team had told the audience where Mr. Peck was.
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What are your thoughts on this episode? Do you Jess’ business plan is a good idea? Please tell me in the comment section!

Have fun in Chesapeake Shores!

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Take 3: Valentine in the Vineyard Review

Even though Valentine’s Day is next Thursday, Hallmark has wasted no time in starting their line-up of Valentine’s Day themed movies, “Countdown to Valentine’s Day”. Starting this line-up is the anticipated third installment, Valentine in the Vineyard! Last month, in a Word on the Street story, I not only announced that this movie would be Hallmark’s first Valentine’s Day themed movie of 2019, but I also said that Crown Media Family Networks released the film’s synopsis on their website. I was looking forward to see Valentine in the Vineyard, especially since I’ve seen and enjoyed the first two movies in this particular series; Autumn in the Vineyard and Summer in the Vineyard. However, I was concerned about how the possible “planning-a-wedding-in-an-unrealistic-time-period” cliché would be incorporated into the film’s narrative. But I still chose to watch this film because I wanted to know what happens in this series’ next chapter. Thanks for joining me for this review, as I’m about to talk about Valentine in the Vineyard!

Valentine in the Vineyard poster
Valentine in the Vineyard poster created by Crown Media Family Networks and Hallmark Channel. Image found at https://www.crownmediapress.com/Shows/PRShowDetail?SiteID=142&FeedBoxID=845&NodeID=302&ShowType=&ShowTitle=Valentine%20in%20the%20Vineyard&IsSeries=False.

Things I liked about the film:

  • The acting: I really liked the cast of Valentine in the Vineyard! What helped was having the main cast members from the first two films return for the third installment. Once again, Brendan Penny and Rachael Leigh Cook did a great job portraying Nate and Frankie! Both of their performances appeared very natural, as if they were reacting to real-life situations. This made it easier for me to stay invested in what was happening in Nate and Frankie’s lives. I also liked the performances of the supporting cast! As I’ve mentioned before on my blog, I have seen Teryl Rothery is several Hallmark productions. Therefore, I knew how talented of an actress she is. Her portrayal as Frankie’s aunt was such a pleasant surprise, her character’s sweet and sassy personality was a joy to watch on-screen and it was hilarious! Stephanie Bennett’s portrayal of Shay Michaels was also a pleasant surprise, with her performance being so good that it made her character very likable!


  • The on-screen chemistry: Like in the first two movies, Brendan Penny and Rachael Leigh Cook had really good on-screen chemistry! Because of this, it made it look like Nate and Frankie’s relationship has truly been growing over the course of the series. I also liked how the other on-screen couples had good on-screen chemistry. Marco and Lexi appeared as if they truly got along because Marcus Rosner and Tegan Moss did that good of a job with their acting performances! Seeing Gabe and Shay’s relationship evolve over the course of the film was nice to see! This is not only because of Stephanie Bennett and Madison Smith’s performances, but also because the audience got a chance to learn more about these characters.


  • A unique perspective on Valentine’s Day: Hallmark usually does a good job at incorporating Valentine’s Day into their films. While Valentine in the Vineyard has no shortage of decorations and a festive color palette, this movie looks at Valentine’s Day from a unique perspective. The story put a lot of focus on what exactly makes a relationship romantic. A great example of this are the gifts that Frankie and Nate plan on exchanging for Valentine’s Day. These gifts not only help them better understand their significant other, but the gifts also help them improve their own lives. I have never really seen Hallmark explore the building blocks of a specific couples’ relationship. But because this is the third movie in a series, I think this creative choice worked well for Valentine in the Vineyard.

Vineyard in France
Vineyard on a sunny day image created by Jcstudio at freepik.com. <a href=”https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/green”>Green photo created by jcstudio – http://www.freepik.com</a>. Image found at freepik.com.

What I didn’t like about the film:

  • A slower pace: While watching this movie, I noticed that the pace was slower than in the first two films. This caused the film is feel a little drawn out.


  • Too much going on at once: In Valentine in the Vineyard, there were five plots within this story. Because of this, I honestly felt a little overwhelmed by what was going on in the film. It seemed like there was too much going on in the movie, as if the creative team behind the project tried to accomplish too much at once. This aspect of the film affected my overall movie-viewing experience.


  • Limited amount of humor: I found this movie to be not as funny as the previous installments. While there was humor to be found, there wasn’t as much of it as I was expecting. An example of this is any scenes involving the vineyard’s llama. In the first two movies, the llama provided some of the film’s comic relief. In Valentine in the Vineyard, however, the llama just seems like an after-thought.

Sale, Happy Valentine Day lettering with bunch of balloons
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My overall impression:

Valentine in the Vineyard was a decent movie. However, this film was not as strong as the first two films. My biggest issue with the movie was how much material was packed into this story. This not only affected my experience of watching this film, it made me feel just as overwhelmed as the situations made the characters feel. But it was nice to see Nate and Frankie’s relationship progress through-out this movie as well as this series. Everything about their relationship is so sweet and genuine, which helps make these characters so likable. I don’t know if Hallmark is planning to continue this series, but I hope a fourth movie is made and called “Christmas in the Vineyard”. If you think about it, we’ve never received a Hallmark Christmas movie that takes place in a vineyard. It would be something new for the network to incorporate into one of their stories.


Overall score: 7.1 out of 10


Have you seen any of Hallmark’s “Vineyard” movies? Would you like to see Hallmark create “Christmas in the Vineyard? Tell me in the comment section!


Have fun at the movies!

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