Word on the Street: Could the new Hallmark Hall of Fame movie be based on Marie Bostwick’s novel?

Four days ago, I reported, in the first Word on the Street post for September, on revealed details for the upcoming Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, “The Second Sister”. In that same post, I speculated that this movie could be based on one of three novels that share the same name as this HHoF (Hallmark Hall of Fame) movie. Based on two recent Instagram posts from Ron Oliver’s Instagram feed (the same feed I referenced in my aforementioned Word on the Street post), I have a feeling Hallmark’s newest HHoF movie could be based on Marie Bostwick’s novel, The Second Sister. In these two Instagram posts, Ron features his open laptop as the primary focus of the photo. On the screen of the laptop, what is displayed appears to be a short piece of film script. These snippets of script, within the Instagram posts, provide the clues to figure out what this HHoF movie could possibly be about. In the post where Ron features his dog, who I believe is named Crawford, there are two character’s names listed on the laptop screen. One of those names is Lucy. If you read the synopsis for Marie Bostwick’s novel, you would know that Lucy is the name of the protagonist in The Second Sister. In this same post, a quilt is referenced within this small piece of film script. In the synopsis for Marie Bostwick’s novel, quilting is what Lucy’s sister’s friends share in common with one another. The author herself also seems to share a love of quilting, from displaying a “Quilt Central” tab on her website to expressing this love for quilting in her biography. In the Instagram post where Ron references Labor Day, a law firm is mentioned in this small piece of film script. In the synopsis for The Second Sister, Lucy’s occupation is a political campaigner, with her boss, apparently, winning a presidential election.

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As of September 2018, there has been no confirmation that this new HHoF movie will be based on Marie’s novel. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were. Like I mentioned in my Word on the Street post where I first talked about “The Second Sister”, it’s not uncommon for a HHoF movie to be an adaptation of a preexisting novel. Even though I’m curious to find out if Marie’s novel will serve as the basis for this film, I am a tiny bit disappointed that this movie might not be based on Claire Kendal’s novel, which is also titled The Second Sister. Because Claire’s novel is a mystery story, I was looking forward to the idea of Hallmark creating an ambitious HHoF project that would be different from the more recent HHoF movies, but still feel a part of the overall collection. However, I’m still looking forward to this new HHoF movie and it is still my most anticipated Christmas movie this year!

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What do you think about this Hallmark Hall of Fame movie? If you have read The Second Sister or any of Marie Bostwick’s novels, how do you feel about this possible book-to-film adaptation? Share your thoughts in the comment section below?


Have fun at the movies!

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If you want to check out the sources I referenced in this post, visit Ron Oliver’s official Instagram feed (at ronoliver) and these links: