Sunset Over Hope Valley: The Shape of Things to Come

A few days ago, I published an editorial explaining why Bai Ling should join the main cast of When Calls the Heart. This editorial was written as a suggestion for the show’s possible next season. However, that article has received very few views. I also reached out to Brian Bird, one of the show’s executive producers, on Instagram and Twitter, in an effort to give him my suggestion for the ninth season. Unfortunately, he hasn’t responded to my social media posts. I’m not going to lie; I was disappointed when my article didn’t gain much engagement from readers. For a show that claims it is interactive with fans online, I, as a fan, felt ignored and unheard. So, I’m bringing up my editorial in the introduction of this week’s re-cap for more awareness to be brought to it. I will provide the link in this re-cap if you are interested in reading my article. Hopefully, more fans and even people from the show can hear what I have to say and give my suggestion some consideration. Until that happens, let’s start this week’s re-cap of When Calls the Heart!

Why Bai Ling Should Join the Main Cast of ‘When Calls the Heart’

Just a reminder: If you did not see this episode of When Calls the Heart, there may be spoilers within this re-cap.

When Calls the Heart poster created by Crown Media Family Networks and Hallmark Channel. 

Season: 8

Episode: 6

Name: No Regrets

Major stories:

After finishing Helen’s edits on her manuscript one morning, Elizabeth receives an invitation from Lucas. This invitation announces an upcoming private picnic for the two of them. On her way to the date, Elizabeth visits Rosemary. Rosemary expresses excitement for Elizabeth’s date. Elizabeth is curious about what Rosemary’s next step in her career will be. When Elizabeth arrives on her date, she meets Lucas by the river. Though the sky is cloudy, Lucas and Elizabeth enjoy a nice gourmet picnic. They discuss Elizabeth’s manuscript, when, all of a sudden, it starts to rain. Lucas and Elizabeth go to Lucas’ car to stay dry. While in the car, they are about to share a kiss. But before they kiss, Elizabeth stops and says she isn’t ready. The next day, Elizabeth visits the Mercantile. She not only receives more edits from Helen, she also receives a package from her sister, Julie. Elizabeth goes to the Canfield family’s home to give Minnie and Angela the package. This package contains a book written in Braille. Minnie reveals that her family tried to acquire Braille written books for Angela back when they lived in a town called Jameson. However, the Canfield family was denied these books. Elizabeth promises to give Angela more Braille written books and teach her how to read them.

Because Ned is still experiencing stomach troubles, Florence gives him a family remedy. Since she is concerned for Ned, Florence approaches Carson and asks if he can help Ned. Even though Carson is about to help Angela, who has a minor knee injury, he does promise to give Ned an evaluation. Within this episode, Carson continues to contemplate the offer he was given in the previous episode. Faith worries that if Carson doesn’t accept the offer, he will regret his decision. Carson tells her he has everything he needs in Hope Valley. Later in the episode, Carson makes the decision to not accept the John Hopkins offer. Faith feels he is making a mistake. At the barber shop, Faith shares with Clara how she feels her relationship with Carson is traveling on a rocky road. Meanwhile, Florence gives Ned an early birthday present. Even though it is the wrong gift, Ned loves the beekeeper suit. When he asks how she knew he was interested in beekeeping, Florence reveals how she’s interested in him. As they hold hands and are about to kiss, the bell on the door rings, indicating an incoming customer. Later that day, Ned leaves the Mercantile to show off his beekeeping suit. Suddenly, Ned falls down the stairs, appearing to be unconscious. Carson rushes to Ned after witnessing the fall.

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Minor stories:

While Joseph is preparing to build a swing, Cooper is pushing Angela on another swing that is connected to a nearby tree. All of a sudden, Angela falls off of the swing. Joseph and Cooper go to inform Carson of what happened. At the Infirmary, Carson discovers that Angela has a minor knee injury. However, this concerns Minnie of what could have happened. After finding her husband praying out loud in the forest, Minnie expresses her doubts to Joseph about working with Elizabeth. Joseph reassures Minnie that Elizabeth seems trustworthy. Jesse visits the Canfield family to help Joseph build the swing. During this project, Joseph hears about Jesse’s marital issues. He gives Jesse advice by comparing marriage to the swing they are building. Joseph says Jesse and Clara represent each leg of the swing. He also says God represents the post that holds the swing up.

Since Fiona is still out of town, Clara is working at the barber shop. One day, Mike visits the barber shop announcing he received a two dollar raise. He plans on using the two dollars to bribe Clara into giving him a haircut that day, on Ladies’ Day. This plan fails, as Clara gives Mike his two dollars back. The next day, Mollie receives a package from the Mercantile. She immediately rushes to the barber shop to reveal she purchased hair extensions and how she’d like Clara to apply them immediately. Because this emergency appointment takes place during Mike’s appointment, Clara tells him to come to the barber shop in the afternoon, with the price now at half-off. When Mike arrives at his newly scheduled appointment, Clara tells him the haircut is on the house. After Mike expresses his satisfaction over Clara’s haircutting work, Clara considers working full-time at the barber shop.

A man named Christopher Hughes arrives in Hope Valley. After pick-pocketing Lee’s watch, Christopher takes notice of Rachel in the dress shop window. He stays by the window in order to avoid Henry, as he is passing through town. However, when Christopher tries to enter Henry’s office, he discovers the door is locked. At the saloon, Christopher sits at Henry’s table. Henry not only recognizes Christopher, but he also asks Christopher to leave Hope Valley. Christopher then meets Rosemary and Lee, who also happen to be at the saloon. The next day, Christopher visits Henry at the petroleum plant. He points out how Henry’s name is associated with the business, even though he doesn’t work for the plant anymore. Christopher asks Henry what he has learned over the years. In an emotional monologue, Henry reveals how he has hurt many people and no matter what he does, there will always be broken pieces. On his way out of Hope Valley, Christopher decides to park his car and walk back to town. When Rachel notices Christopher’s return, Christopher considers staying in Hope Valley. He also addresses Henry with the prospect of getting reacquainted. When Elizabeth approaches, Henry introduces Christopher as his son.

While making breakfast one morning, Rosemary discovers who tried to buy Dottie’s Dress Shop. Lee reveals how he negotiated with Dottie in an attempt to buy the dress shop for Rosemary. Appearing upset, Rosemary tells Lee to leave the house. Later in the episode, Lee tells Rosemary how he thought he was doing something nice for his wife. But then he realizes that Rosemary wouldn’t want to buy her way to success, but earn it instead. With that, Rosemary turns down the offer to purchase the dress shop. In her free time, Rosemary tries to come up with a list of potential career options. But she ends up thinking of nothing. The next day, Elizabeth and Rosemary talk about Elizabeth’s date and Rosemary’s future. Rosemary tells Elizabeth that even though she has enjoyed working at the dress shop, her mind has changed, like fashion. She says she looks forward to whatever comes her way.

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Some thoughts to consider:

  • Out of all the times Martin Cummins, the actor who portrays Henry Gowan, has appeared on this show, his monologue at the petroleum plant was one of his best scenes! Henry truly appeared wrought with anger and frustration. With the tone of his voice and the amount of emotion in his words, you could tell Henry was hurting.  It helps Martin was very expressive in this scene and came across as believable!
  • As I said in this re-cap, Florence claims she gave Ned the wrong present. However, this does not make sense. If Florence knew enough about Ned to purchase a beekeeping outfit, how is that not a good gift? It makes me wonder what she originally planned to get him.
  • After hearing Joseph’s advice to Jesse and seeing him praying in the forest, I wonder if Joseph will consider becoming Hope Valley’s next pastor? This episode was one of the more faith-based stories I’ve seen in quite some time. It should also be noted that Hope Valley hasn’t had a pastor since season three or four.
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What are your thoughts on this episode? What do you think Ned’s medical outcome will be? Let me know in the comment section!

Have fun in Hope Valley!

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Sunset Over Hope Valley: Not As it Seems

Before I start this When Calls the Heart re-cap, I’d like to remind everyone that Thursday, March 26th, is the last day to cast your vote for the Best Actress of the 2nd Annual Gold Sally Awards! The next poll will be posted on the 27th! Here is the link to the poll:


RE-POST: Choosing the Best Actress of 2020’s Gold Sally Awards


Taking things at face value is something that we’ve all done at least once in our lives. We judge a book by its cover, believe something for what it is, or quickly take someone else’s word. However, not everything is what it seems. False information may be passed along, providing opportunities for research and facts to come into play. Gossip and rumors can spread from ear to ear, but, more often than not, truth will prevail. Upon a second glance, looks can be deceiving. This episode of When Calls the Heart perfectly exemplifies everything I’ve just said. Several situations occur in Hope Valley that are easy to observe at face value. However, as you’ll read in this re-cap, the situations are not as they seem.

Just a reminder: If you did not see this episode of When Calls the Heart, there may be spoilers within this re-cap.

When Calls the Heart Season 7 poster
When Calls the Heart poster created by Crown Media Family Networks and Hallmark Channel. Image found at

Season: 7

Episode: 5

Name: An Unexpected Gift


Major Stories:

At the beginning of the episode, Elizabeth discovers that a lot of Jack’s clothing doesn’t fit him anymore. When Rosemary comes by to collect the clothes for a fellow neighbor, she sees how disappointed Elizabeth is. In an effort to cheer her up, Rosemary decides to give Elizabeth a bouquet of flowers. The next day, when Rosemary arrives to give Elizabeth the flowers, she discovers that Elizabeth is not home. So, Rosemary places the flowers on the doorstep with no attached card. Elizabeth is pleasantly surprised to find the flowers. When Bill pays her a visit and notices the flowers, he suspects that Nathan or Lucas is the culprit. Elizabeth, however, doesn’t make a big deal about the gesture. In his spare time, Bill tells Nathan and Lucas about the flowers, hoping one of them will reveal their secret. Both Nathan and Lucas are caught off guard, as none of them gave Elizabeth the flowers. In town, where Molly and Elizabeth have a conversation about the flowers, Ally overhears what they are saying. She also wonders if Nathan truly gave the gift. At Clara’s Bachelorette party, Elizabeth spends time with both Nathan and Lucas. She tries to figure out which man is responsible for the flowers. To Elizabeth’s disappointment, none of them seem to have given the bouquet. After the party, Rosemary reveals the she was the one who gave Elizabeth the flowers in an attempt to make her feel better about Jack growing up. Elizabeth is relived by this because she’s afraid of the idea of Nathan or Lucas falling in love with her being real. Rosemary tells her that it’s ok to open up her heart again. At the end of the episode, both Nathan and Lucas give Elizabeth a bouquet of flowers.


Throughout the episode, Rosemary is busy planning Clara’s Bachelorette party and creating Clara’s wedding dress. Her to-do list causes Lee to rethink his ideas for Jesse’s Bachelor party. Later that day, he meets with the guests to determine what will work. During the meeting, Lucas shares that he let the guests of the Bachelorette party reserve half the saloon. He also says the saloon’s chef will make the food for the aforementioned party. Because of this, Bill volunteers to make the food, with the help of Nathan. On the day of the Bachelor party, Jesse reveals that he’s nervous about getting married. He says that he’s afraid he won’t be a good enough husband to Clara. Lee comforts Jesse by sharing his past insecurities and reminding Jesse that his love for Clara is all that matters. At the party, the men discover that they’re not having as good of a time as they thought. Mike suggests that both parties should combine to become one big party. Every guest ends up taking this suggestion. As a result, everyone has a better experience because they’re spending time together. Lee also admits that Rosemary is more talented when it comes to planning events.

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Minor Stories:

Before she left for medical school, Faith hired Molly as the Infirmary’s secretary. This decision was made in an effort to help Carson with day-to-day duties. While Faith had good intentions, they lead to undesirable results. Molly creates appointment schedules without informing Carson, she diagnoses patients with no medical context, and she assumes the worst with her own health. All of this becomes too overwhelming for Carson. One day, he tells Molly not to diagnose patients without his knowledge. At first, it seems like Molly understands what Carson is saying. But, at Jesse and Clara’s party, Carson realizes that Mollie’s feelings are hurt. Florence tells Carson that Molly’s secretary job is the first full-time job she’s had in a long time. This fact makes Carson see how important this job is to Molly. When talking with Carson, at the party, Molly shares her medical concerns. Carson tells her that, sometimes, people can get carried away with certain medical terms and conditions. He also admits that he should have taken a gentler approach to the situation. As Molly continues to work at the Infirmary, it seems like she and Carson have gained a better understanding of each other.


Because she misses her ride to the city, Fiona asks Henry if she can borrow his car. She tells him she needs to go to Benson Hills to pick up parts for Bill’s phone. After getting his permission, Fiona is on her way to the city. Just as she’s about to leave, Rosemary asks her if they can carpool to Benson Hills. Rosemary says that she also has to go to the city so she can pick up material for Clara’s dress. After agreeing to take her, Fiona and Rosemary start their journey to Benson Hills. Later in the episode, Fiona and Rosemary are on their way back home. However, their trip is interrupted when they experience car trouble. While figuring out what to do, Rosemary recruits the help of a nearby neighbor. When the neighbor arrives, he helps Fiona take the car to Kevin, while Rosemary takes the dress material and heads to the dress shop. Back in Hope Valley, Kevin tries to help Fiona fix Henry’s car. However, his vehicle knowledge is very limited. Later that night, they arrive at Jesse and Clara’s party. While there, Henry asks Fiona where his car is. She tells him that it got dirty on the way home, so she wanted to clean it before giving it back to him. Henry tells her that he needs the car tomorrow in order to go to a meeting. The next day, when returning the car to Henry, Kevin and Fiona confess that the car is broken due to yesterday’s events. After dealing with the brakes, Henry reveals that the car isn’t broken, but sometimes experiences brake related issues.

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Some thoughts to consider:

  • In this episode, Clara’s dress isn’t revealed to the audience. Even in the commercial for the next episode, only a part of her dress is shown. I like how the show’s creative team is intentionally waiting until the wedding to show Clara’s dress. It creates a shared experience for the audience and the characters, as most of the characters are going to see the dress for the first time at the wedding. It also reminds me of Marrying Father Christmas, when Miranda’s dress wasn’t revealed until the wedding ceremony.


  • Speaking of the commercial for the next episode, the footage made it look like Jesse and Clara’s wedding will take place indoors. If this is the case, I would be disappointed. Hearties have never seen an outdoor wedding on the show before, so this would be When Calls the Heart history in the making. If the wedding takes place indoors and if the writers knew that was going to happen that far in advance, then why didn’t Jesse and Clara receive a Christmas wedding in the first place?


  • I know that a lot of fans are invested in the love triangle that is taking place on the show. However, I’m personally not a fan of it. In stories, I find love triangles to be a waste of time and creative energy. Nathan and Lucas trying to win over Elizabeth’s heart has gone on for too long, lasting a season and a half. Honestly, I hope this gets resolved soon so the writers can move on to a different story.

Red sunset clouds over trees.
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What did you think of this of this episode? Can you believe we’re already halfway through season seven? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


Have fun in Hope Valley!

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Sunset Over Hope Valley: On Hope Valley’s Block, There’s a New Kid in Town

With six seasons and five years of screen-time, When Calls the Heart is bound to introduce a variety of characters on their show. Some of them have called Hope Valley their home, while others have gone their separate ways to broaden their Canadian horizons. Sometimes, characters from previous seasons return to the show, even if it’s just for a little while. When new characters arrive near the start of each season, and sometimes in the Christmas films, it’s always a treat for the show itself as well as for its audience. On When Calls the Heart this season, we’ve already been introduced to Fiona Miller. Now, we’ll be introduced to a new character, one that might shake up Hope Valley. Check out this Sunset Over Hope Valley re-cap post if you want to learn more about this character!

Just a reminder: If you did not see this episode of When Calls the Heart, there may be spoilers within this re-cap.

When Calls the Heart season 6 poster
When Calls the Heart poster created by Crown Media Family Networks and Hallmark Channel. Image found at

Season: 6

Episode: 2

Name: The Queen of Hearts


Major Story:

  • The most talked about event in Hope Valley is the re-opening of the saloon. One of the reasons why is because of the new saloon owner himself. Lucas Bouchard has become Hope Valley’s newest resident. Some people in the town find him to be a charming gentleman. However, there are others who are very skeptical about Lucas’ intentions. One of them is Bill, who, almost immediately, does as much research as possible about Lucas’ past. This is because Lucas hasn’t shared his past with anyone. After calling the police in New Orleans, Bill finds out that Fiona listened in on his phone call. Because of this, Bill recruits her to help him learn more about Lucas. Not only is it revealed that the New Orleans police had never heard of Lucas, but that Lucas, while at Yost’s Mercantile, had called a female and spoke to her about Hope Valley in French. When Bill tried calling this mysterious female and told her he is one of Lucas’ friends, she hung up immediately. A few days later, as Lucas is preparing for the saloon’s re-opening, Bill sees him bringing in a mysterious looking package into Hope Valley. After Bill forces Lucas to open the package, it is revealed to be a box of fish, which Lucas plans on using to prepare a meal. At the saloon re-opening, where the saloon is renamed “Queen of Hearts”, Lucas invites the townspeople to the event. He makes it a point to remind everyone that the event is free. Despite all the things that Lucas has said and done, Bill still remains skeptical about him. Toward the end of the episode, Lucas goes into a back room during the re-opening to hide a box of money in a safe. This box of money was hiding in the box of fish that Bill had inspected days earlier.

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Minor Stories:

  • After Timmy expresses his desire to learn how to ride a bike, Elizabeth volunteers to help Timmy learn this new skill. While borrowing Cody’s bike, Timmy shares his concerns about falling and embarrassing himself. So, every time Timmy practices riding, Elizabeth holds on to the bike until Timmy has enough confidence to ride the bike on his own. One day, Timmy becomes so frustrated by his concerns of falling, that he decides to quit. In order to help him change his mind, Elizabeth asks Timmy to help her play a piano duet. Elizabeth shares with Timmy that she doesn’t want to embarrass herself in front of her students due to her limited piano skills. But, after the piano duet, Elizabeth teaches Timmy how overcoming fears will help him experience the best that life has to offer. Several days later, Timmy not only continues to practice his bike riding skills, but he also learns to ride a bike with no assistance.


  • While working at Abigail’s Café, Abigail discovers that Henry has an interest in the stock market. After talking with Henry about this matter, Abigail considers investing her money. When she consults with Lee and Rosemary over what she should do, Abigail decides to invest her money with Henry. The next day, Abigail and Henry discuss the amount of money that she should place in the investment. After some negotiations, Abigail chooses to invest five dollars. Later in the episode, Henry tells Abigail that her investment doubled in value, allowing her to receive ten dollars. When Abigail shares this news with Lee, he reveals that the company Henry invested in actually lost money. Lee gives Abigail the advice to talk to Henry about the situation. At the saloon re-opening, Abigail approaches Henry about the investment situation. Henry shares that he wanted Abigail to trust him as well as take him seriously. Abigail tells him that all she wanted to do was give him a second chance, which she thinks he has earned. With that, Henry gives Abigail her five dollars back.


  • When Jesse and Clara learn that the saloon is looking for new employees, Clara decides to apply for a waitress job. After being interviewed by Lucas himself, Clara receives the job. When she shares this news with Jesse, he becomes skeptical about Clara possibly putting too many responsibilities on her plate. Clara tells him that she accepted this job in order to help Jesse with his financial goals. When she tells Abigail about her new job, Abigail becomes concerned about Clara’s well-being. Clara tells Abigail the exact same thing she told Jesse. Clara’s first assignment at her new job is serving drinks at the saloon re-opening. When Jesse sees Clara working at the event, he still maintains his skepticism.


  • One day, Faith tells Rosemary about what Carson told her as they were leaving Rosemary and Lee’s house a few days earlier. Rosemary tells Faith not to lose hope about Carson’s possible feelings for her. Several days later, Carson shares with Lee what he told Faith about the state of their relationship. Lee gives Carson the advice to tell Faith how he feels about her. However, when Carson picks up his dinner at Abigail’s Café, he sees Faith marveling over a magic trick that Lucas shows her and Cody. At the saloon re-opening, Carson gathers up enough courage to tell Faith how he feels about her, telling her that she’s special to him. Faith tells Carson that he is special to her as well. After this conversation, Carson and Faith share a dance together.

Happy Valentines day and heart. Card with Happy Valentines day a
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Some thoughts to consider:

  • Even though Lucas seems suspicious, I really hope that he’s not an antagonist or villain. Based on what I’ve seen and heard from articles, interviews, and fan reactions from the Heartie Family Reunion, it seems like Chris McNally fits in really well within the When Calls the Heart. Also, there have been several characters on When Calls the Heart that have come and gone over the seasons. It would be nice if any of the new characters from season six stayed on the show for, at least, a season and a half.


  • While this is only the second episode, it seems like the overall narrative of this season isn’t focusing on the children as much as in other seasons. In this episode, Opal was only on screen for a few seconds compared to the minutes upon minutes of screen-time she’s had in previous episodes. Maybe this is a new story-telling technique that the screen-writers are incorporating into the show, where almost every child in Elizabeth’s class is given a story in each episode.


  • Something that I’ve been noticing, so far, is how Elizabeth’s story is not as central to the overall narrative as in years past. In my Sunset Over Hope Valley re-cap posts last year, I wrote about how Elizabeth’s story was, sometimes, one of the major stories of a given episode. Since it’s only the second episode, we’ll have to wait and see if this trend continues.

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What did you think about this episode? How do you feel about Lucas Bouchard? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!


Have fun in Hope Valley!

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Evenings At The Shore: Something’s About to Happen

On Chesapeake Shores so far, the overall story has been more character-driven than plot-driven. In the show’s first two seasons, there seems to have been a balance within the overall story between being character and plot-driven. In this episode, two interesting plots were introduced to the show. These plots feel like they could be on-going and affect more than one character. It’s too bad they were introduced this late in the season, but I understand that suspense needed to be built up before the airing of this episode. I hope these plots can be explored over the course of several episodes as well as produce a good story. If you want to find out what these two plots are, keep reading this re-cap of Chesapeake Shores!

Just a reminder: If you did not see this episode of Chesapeake Shores, there may be spoilers within this re-cap.

Chespeake Shores Season 3 poster
Chesapeake Shores poster image created by Crown Media Family Networks and Hallmark Channel. Image found at

Season: 3

Episode: 7

Name: It’s Just Business


Trace’s story: While on a picnic with Abby and her daughters, Trace gets a phone call about The Bridge. He learns that one of his employees has stolen enough money to put the business in financial trouble. Trace does everything in his power to secure the finances to keep The Bridge afloat, even getting the police involved to find the employee that stole The Bridge’s money. Trace discusses the situation with Mick, revealing that he has to go on tour, yet again, for two months. Mick thinks that it would be better if Trace stayed in Chesapeake Shores to oversee The Bridge’s business operations, but Trace disagrees. One day, Trace asks Connor if he could look over the contract that was created between Mick and Trace. After Connor looks over this contract, he comes to The Bridge and tells Trace that there is a loophole where Trace doesn’t have to be present at the business in order to oversee it. Later in the episode, Trace finds out that Mick hired financial advisors, without Trace’s knowledge, to take care of The Bridge’s financial troubles. Upset by what Mick did, Trace tells Mick that he will deal with everything relating to The Bridge after he comes back from his tour. When Trace is not worrying about The Bridge, he reassures Abby that she is already doing a good job when it comes to being a mother and business woman.


Abby’s story: Throughout this episode, Abby tries her best to be the “perfect” mom. She tries to do everything from organizing scavenger hunts to taking her daughters on fun field trips. Abby’s ambiguous efforts cause her to feel tired and miss an important deadline at work. Almost everyone in Abby’s life notices how Abby’s plans to be the “perfect” mom have affected her. They give her reassurance that she is already doing a good job at being a mother as well as a business woman. While at the beach with her sisters and Alexandra, Bree shows Abby a note that Caitlyn wrote and placed in a copy of The Grapes of Wrath. In this note, Caitlyn lets Abby know that she loves her, making Abby realize that she doesn’t need to be “perfect” in order to be a good mother. Toward the end of the episode, Abby finds out, at work the next day, that Terri, Wes’ girlfriend, will be her new business client.


Mick’s story: Mick is contacted by Trace to help him solve the financial problems of The Bridge. While going over the business options that are available to them, Mick finds out that Trace will be going back on tour, but for two months this time. Mick thinks that Trace should stay in Chesapeake Shores and oversee The Bridge’s business operations, but Trace disagrees. Later in the episode, Mick hires financial advisors, without Trace’s permission, to look over The Bridge’s finances. After Trace tells him that he will deal with The Bridge’s problems after his tour, Mick becomes skeptical of Trace being able to keep his promise. Because of his involvement with The Bridge’s current situation, Mick hasn’t had as much time as usual to deal with other business matters.


Megan’s story: While having lunch at Sally’s Café with the Mayor’s assistant, Kate, Megan finds out that the mayor is planning to merge the arts council into a different department and hire a new head of that department. Kate wants Megan to resign as soon as possible, but Megan has no plans to quit her job. When Megan tells Nell about what Kate told her, Nell suspects that this is the Mayor’s way of trying to get back at Nell after her successful efforts to save the Wishing Fountain. The next day, Megan meets up with Kate, again, at Sally’s Café. This time, Nell tries to convince Kate to get the Mayor to change his mind. After this attempt proves to be unsuccessful, Megan tells Kate, toward the end of the episode, that she will not resign from her job. Megan also expresses her feelings about why the arts council is an important component to the community of Chesapeake Shores. When Megan isn’t busy trying to save her job, she is encouraged by Nell to read Bree’s manuscript.

Paint palette image created by Freepik at <a href=’’>Designed by Freepik</a> <a href=””>Hand vector created by Freepik</a> Image found at

Nell’s story: At the beginning of the episode, Nell receives Bree’s manuscript. However, Nell feels that it’s more important for Megan to read Bree’s manuscript. Nell not only encourages Bree to give the manuscript to her mother, she also encourages Megan to read Bree’s manuscript. When she finds out about Megan possibly losing her job, Nell realizes that this situation is highly likely a result of the Mayor trying to get back at her for successfully saving the Wishing Fountain. Nell helps Megan to convince Kate, the Mayor’s assistant, to change the Mayor’s mind about his decision for the arts council, even though their efforts were unsuccessful.


Bree’s story: Bree gives her manuscript to Nell at the beginning of the episode. However, when Nell visits Bree at Word Play one day, Nell suggests that Bree give her manuscript to Megan. After some brief protesting, Bree hesitantly agrees with do so. For most of the episode, Bree continues to work at Word Play and hang out with her sisters. When Jess and Alexandra come to visit Word Play, Alexandra reveals that Simon Atwater is one of her favorite authors. After Alexandra discovers that Bree personally knows Simon, the friendship between Bree and Alexandra becomes stronger. Bree also gives Abby a note that Caitlyn wrote and placed in a copy of The Grapes of Wrath.


Kevin: After saving a man’s life at Sally’s Café, Kevin discovers that Sarah applied for and got accepted at a fire station in Philadelphia. Throughout this episode, Kevin tries to deal with the idea of having a long-distance relationship with Sarah. He realizes if he were to move to Philadelphia with her, he couldn’t become a paramedic. Kevin talks to Connor, Trace, and David about the situation as well as almost everyone reminding Kevin about the life he saved toward the beginning of the episode.


Jess’ story: While she and David try to figure out how to generate more business for the Inn, Jess is surprised when Alexandra, David’s sister, arrives. At first, Jess is suspicious of Alexandra’s reasons for coming to Chesapeake Shores, but then she learns that Alexandra is overwhelmed at work and needs David’s help. For most of this episode, Jess hung out with her sisters. When Alexandra wishes that she grew up with a sister in her life, Jess gains more respect for her.


Connor’s story: Throughout this episode, Connor is working on a legal case. This time, Danielle happens to be working on the opposing side. While he and Danielle are talking during one of their breaks, Connor catches something that Danielle said that he can use in his argument for the case. Later in the episode, Connor uses what Danielle said against her, thus causing him to win the case. Connor also agrees to look at Mick and Trace’s contract, where he finds a loophole that could work in Trace’s favor.

music sign
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Some thoughts to consider:

  • Now that Terri is Abby’s business client, I wonder if Abby and the audience will discover that Terri is not as perfect as she seems? One of the themes that Hallmark has incorporated into their productions is the idea of being ok with not being perfect. I could totally see this theme within the stories of Chesapeake Shores, as this could add more depth to Terri’s character.


  • Since the story surrounding The Bridge’s financial troubles seems like it will be on-going, I wonder if the employee who stole the money will be found? I’m curious to find out who this character is and their reasons to stealing the money.

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What did you think of this episode? Do you think the financial troubles of The Bridge and the fate of Megan’s job could be on-going stories? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


Have fun in Chesapeake Shores!

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